Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Picture Puzzles

Part of Windows Live (a suite of programs available freely from Microsoft) is a photo gallery - think of it as iPhoto light, for my Mac-using friends. I've been using it for a year or so, to tag pictures on my PC (my primary storage unit for pictures, music, videos) with whomever is inside the pictures. There's also a 5-star rating system, captioning, and basic editing capabilities. I'm in the process, right now, of figuring out who is in all of the pictures. It appeals to the OCD in me, as it lets me keep track of how many pictures I take of each child - I'm trying to avoid the somewhat stereotypical "five million pictures of child #1, 300 pictures of child #2, and three or four total pictures of children 3 and 4" that happened in my family, with my brothers and me.

(The joke there: hundreds and hundreds of pictures of my oldest brother, and I - the youngest of four - have a few baby pictures, then high school graduation.)

Tonight, I was finishing up some pictures from October and November of 2009. That time period has been on my mind quite a bit recently, no small part because today is the one year anniversary of loading The Wife and the boys into the car and moving to Pittsburgh. The pictures show two generally happy boys, with a tiny and cute Younger Bro, and a skinny and sickly The Boy. I see an exhausted and stressed Musical Daddy and Mommy.

Thankful, on Thanksgiving Eve? You bet. There's not an aspect of my life that isn't better than it was a year ago. The move was hard. The preparations of the house were harder. Life is better.

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