Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So, I tried to update my iPhone last night when I got home from work, only to discover a strange email address heading up my account: m_pino@live.com. Long story short, someone hacked my iTunes account, changed the email address and password, and bought $250 of bad rap music and ringtones. Frustrating, because it wasn't even good music.

90 minutes on the telephone fixes the email problem, only to leave another issue: the email account wasn't "verified" and wouldn't verify. So, it was another 45 minutes on the telephone to get my account verified, only to find another computer "authorized" to use my stuff besides my computer. Sigh. Problem NOT solved.

So, let's work through this. Changed email passwords for my major and minor accounts, including a new backup system for my passwords. Over two hours of time, a lost credit card report, a police report, and an email to Apple to get the problem rectified.

MUCH better use of time rather than playing with the boys, resting, and that sort of thing. And, a whole bunch of new passwords to memorize and change in my various machines.

At least it was an easy night for me. The Boy went with Mum to see the Nutcracker, leaving me at home with a tired Younger Bro. Now, I'm watching the season finale of Burn Notice while trying to get my thoughts in order.

Tomorrow: IEP meeting for The Boy, followed by the fittings for his hearing aids. Let's see how this works.

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