Monday, December 13, 2010


The Boy, over the past week, has shown a wonderful fondness for connect the dots puzzles. Grandma has found great pictures that use numbers up to 25 and other pictures using the alphabet instead of numbers. It's pretty cool. His lines aren't really straight - he's only 3! - but he does get from number to number easily enough. Sometimes the lines even hit the dots. The pictures are reasonably recognizable.

In an interesting shift, The Wife has been playing video games - Wii and a Barney game on the Mac - with the boys. That's an interesting shift because I'm the video gamer in the family, by a long shot. Most of my gaming has wound up being on iPhone instead of on my PS3 or Wii, but that's because I still spend an overwhelming majority of my time either snuggled with The Boy (thus using the phone) or waiting for students / start of work / lunch to be over at work. My gaming time, during the week, is still somewhat under an hour, even with the phone.

I've found myself doing a lot more reading over the past week, and I'm happy about that. The boys see me reading lots of different things, and I like that behavior modeling. I powered through Stephanie Meyer's "Twilight" series and enjoyed it - kind of surprising, considering I'm a Buffy & Angel fan and am a little queasy about vampires that don't burst into flames in the sunlight. It was a little too much teen romance fantasy, but I could deal with that and get to the meaty mythology underneath. Vampires that choose not to eat humans... I have no problem with that, as Spike and Angel are two of my favorites.

I've also got a backlog of magazines to read. It's probably three months' worth. I get Sporting News, ESPN the Magazine, Muscle & Fitness, the Instrumentalist, Parents Magazine (not a big fan), Maxim (not a big fan anymore), and have been a Playboy subscriber for nearly 20 years. The magazines were awesome for hospital stays - read the magazine, throw it away and don't carry it home. Since we haven't spent a week at the Hotel Children's in a long time, I haven't been reading my magazines regularly. It's nice to get a chance to read.

Oops. I'm being attacked by a little man. Gotta go.

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