Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Sounds In The Air

So, The Boy got his hearing aids today. It went remarkably easily: he knows how to behave in a doctor's office (surprise, surprise), and he's pretty adaptable when it comes to new medical things that we do to him. He accepted the hearing aids quickly and easily, all things considered. He flipped out a bit when we got home from the hospital (where the audiologist's office was), but that was 99% being overtired from a nap.

(He's got pinkeye - I think - and a cold, lucky him. And, on the eve of our trip. We're supposed to be leaving tomorrow morning for Harrisburg & New Jersey. Not anymore. Now, we're headed to the doctor's office, then to CVS for medication, THEN hitting the road. Assuming, of course, we can get an appointment tomorrow - or just a nurse to phone in a prescription.)

When he woke from his nap, Mum was gone to teach her lessons. So, I had two grumpy children with me, and The Boy didn't want his hearing aids in. But, he didn't rip them out; he just complained about them. The complaints were more about his need for sleep and less about the hearing aids in specific. We went to the comic book store and to Starbucks, then we picked up a pizza, which The Boy didn't eat but Younger Bro and I enjoyed. He's still got his hearing aids in, about three hours later; I'm going to take them out for the night in another half hour or so. He's had enough for today.

Aunt J, who's had hearing aids for years and years and years, suggested that he only wear them for a few hours per day, and longer and longer as time goes on. We're okay with that. I'd rather him slowly grow accustomed to them than to try to get him to go cold turkey.

Okay. There's a little bear that needs some attention. Talk more later.

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