Thursday, December 9, 2010

Running Wild

Yesterday, The Wife was subbing while I worked, leaving the boys with Grandma all day. When I got home from work (The Wife was teaching lessons), Grandma gave me the boys and $20 and said, "I'm exhausted. Take them out to dinner."

They are very busy, you know? Lots of energy and enthusiasm...

So, I threw the boys in the car and took them to the comic book store and Starbucks for chocolate milk. They were very good. After, we went to Eat'n'Park for dinner. That worked out nicely.

Put them in their chairs and go to the salad bar to load a plate or two with fruit and goodies. The waitress came, and we gave our whole order. Then, they were eating happily for the entire time.

At the end, I threw YB on my back. Turned around, and The Boy was gone. The other patrons pointed me to him; he was wandering towered a set of potted plants. Sigh.

Went home, bath, younger one in bed. Stories for older one, then Mum got home and took over, as I taught a lesson via webcam.

Busy, busy.

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