Sunday, December 5, 2010

"We Keep You Safe!"

It's interesting, watching and listening to my children as their thought processes grow and develop. The phrases that they pick up, the inflections and moods that they show and mimic, are fascinating and compelling to watch. Most parents know this, of course, but lots of things become instant mysteries as to their origins.

The Boy has started to say, "We keep you safe!" to The Wife and me at odd times. I think he knows the basics of what it means: the parental units are available for safety and comfort and security. Good. The context, however, is interesting. When we play a game that he doesn't feel like playing, like "Gonna get you!", he'll yell, "No, Daddy! You NOT get The Boy! We keep you safe!"

I have no idea where he got that from. I don't recall that in any television show, movie, or book that we consume. Maybe from something he watches with Grandma, on Bookflix? Not sure.

It's interesting, because I've never really considered that to be a "normal" usage of that phrase. My guess is that he's telling us, "Please don't play that game with me. I don't need playful Daddy right now; I need safe, secure, comfortable, snuggle Daddy right now." Children don't come with manuals, however, and it's hard to tell.

Your thoughts? What does your kid say that confuses you like that?

Younger Bro's talking is coming along quite nicely. He already knows the names of the Sesame Street characters: Elmo, Big Bird, Grover, Burt, Ernie, Cookie, Oscar, et al. He says one-syllable, consonant-shortened versions of their names. Really quite adorable, and frighteningly intelligent. That's a smart kid right there.

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linda1019 said...

Don't usually post comments, but I use the phrase to keep you safe all the time. It's my catch all phrase to get David to do the right things.