Thursday, December 16, 2010

West Coast Time

It's 10pm, do you know where your children are? Mine are still awake. The little one was put back in bed for the third time, and the big one is watching Winnie the Pooh, an eminently soothing movie in a vain attempt to calm him down for sleep.

For the past couple of nights, the boys have been on west coast time - about three hours off kilter in fall asleep time, and about an hour off wakeup time. The naps have been crazy 3-5:30pm naps, which don't help.

So, The Wife is asleep temporarily (isn't all sleep, save one, temporary?) next to The Boy and me, and I'm typing on my phone over his head. I was preparing a nice dissertation about The Boy's preschool time, drawing nigh, but that ain't happening now.

The boys went to the science center today and had a great time. The Wife noted that the boys play together quite nicely at this stage of their development. They still need careful attention, but they don't need parental hovering. There are occasional bouts of Mortal Kombat (The Boy's Scorpion to Younger Bro's Guile) that need a referee, but for the most part, they do fairly well.

Younger Bro has developed a nice reading habit. He chooses a book and brings it over to the designated reader, allowing them to pick him up for the book. If he likes it, he generally wants it at least 3 times consecutively. His favorites are "Pat the Bunny," a "Where's Baby?" lift the flaps book, and a Sesame Street book that has pictures to search.

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Johanna S said...

Ouch! I feel for you two. We went through this with Ari for quite a while, when she was two. It happened last night because she took a long nap in the car, but it doesn't happen often anymore. I have found that preschool helped with this a lot. I hope the same is true for The Boy. When does he start preschool? Did you say January or am I making that up?!