Friday, January 29, 2010

To-do List

We had good counts today, which means that we're off the neupogen and headed towards a showdown with Chemo #16 at some point next week. Interestingly enough, his platelets actually increased this week, from 29 on Monday to 64 yesterday. Not entirely sure how that happened, because platelets aren't supposed to regenerate while he's on neupogen. Whatever. His red count is a little low; if we were at St. Barnabas, they'd transfuse. As it is, I think we're going to wait it out. He's still running around like a madman and eating lots, so we're not as concerned as we would normally be.

Transfusions aren't bad things; we've just gotten so many of them over the last year that we welcome any break from long days and afternoons spent cooped up in the hospital.

This week has been, as hoped, blessedly boring. We've gotten out of the house a little bit - walked around the mall some, walked around the neighborhood on an especially nice winter's day, gone for rides, gone to the comic book store, that sort of thing. Right now, I'm home with both boys while Mommy and Grandma are getting their hair done. Earlier today, Mommy took both boys to a Sabbath Toddlers Service at the JCC, and I went with so that I could lift weights while they did kid-centered religious things. This is, actually, the 5th workout I've gotten in less than two weeks. That's the first time that happened since before Younger Bro was born.

Some movement on the house-selling front. All of the inspections were yesterday, which means that we should get the reports back soon. The prospective buyers want to close quickly - by the middle of February!!! The only holdup? Due to a colossal screwup, the insurance on our underground fuel tank never got transferred to us when we bought the house. So, if there's a problem with the tank, then we are up the creek without a paddle. If not, we buy a new policy and thank G-d for letting us get lucky. No word on whether or not they want the swingset. If this goes through - and there's lots that can go wrong during a home sale, particularly if there's a problem with the tank - then we should be pretty happy with the sale.

Again, I'm extremely happy with the way that things are going. Now that we're through the intense pressure surrounding the surgery and resumption of scheduled chemotherapy, things seem to be settling down nicely. The Boy has kept his blood pressure under control with only one medicine, the enepril. He has another medicine that he takes when his systolic pressure (the upper number in blood pressure) is over 110, and he really only takes that every three or four days, at this point. We're all sleeping pretty well; for the most part, The Boy settles down to sleep between 11 and 11:30, but sleeps through 8:30 or 9:00 on a normal day. We're going to try to get that time to be earlier, particularly considering that The Wife is going to start substitute teaching next week.

Not only that, but I'm actually starting to check more items off of my to-do list than are being adding on! I'm just finishing up with my thank-you notes, and I just finished organizing all of The Boy's hospital and insurance papers. Next is to get copies of music to the Dapper Dans and to some former students, then do our taxes for the year. Weird. I'm not used to long periods of easy times (like, two whole weeks now!), and I'm kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop - so I'm trying to get as ahead as possible.

The current favorite movie is "Fun & Fancy Free," from 1947 - particularly the Mickey and the Beanstalk, told by Edgar Bergen and his puppets. The current favorite playlist on my iPhone is my Top Rated Countdown, and the current games are "Blocks" for The Boy and "Song Summoner Encore" for Musical Daddy.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


He's dipping quiche in butter to eat it. Yuck.

Hopefully, he'll gain a little weight... skinny boy needs to grow a bum...

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Contact!

Younger Bro just cut his first tooth! w00t!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Daddy, FTW

This weekend, I watched my first episode of the new "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" cartoon, with The Boy and Mommy. By the end of the cartoon, The Boy was quite excited whenever Batman came on the screen - he kind of recognized Batman from the Batman band-aids I have and from other Batman cartoons I've watched. Anyway, this cartoon might now have become a weekly ritual for us.

Today, I told him to go find one of his pez dispensers, so I could give him candy. He came back with the Riddler, joyfully saying, "Riddler!" as he handed it to me.

Darn it, I want my sons to be comic book geeks just like their father. It's nice to know that we are off to a good start.

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Protection Racket

One of the primary functions of a parent is to protect their offspring from all of the dangers and misfortunes that life presents, at least until they are capable of protecting themselves. The primary battle between parents and children occur when the parents attempt to protect their children from events that the children no longer need protecting - or believe that they no longer need.

As children, we need to know that our parents are there to protect us, even when we don't feel that we need it. We get the nerve to try new things, to go to new places, and expand our horizons because (partially - I'm aware of natural inclinations) of our comfort in our parents' ability to protect.

As an adult, I don't need my father's protection anymore, but I'm glad that it's there on the rare occasions that I ask for it.

I know and understand that the protection is helping children recover from a fall instead of preventing the fall. That's not really the point I'm arguing. Then again, it might be.

We have already shattered the image of protection for The Boy. We can't protect him from being sick, as we have frequently given him chemicals that make him feel terrible. We can't protect him from the scary doctors and scarier machines; instead, we hold him down while they do scary things to him. We can't protect him from going to the hospital when he clearly wants to go home. We can't protect him from pain, as we inject him with needles on a nightly basis.

That's a harsh lesson for a 10-month old to have learned, and it isn't easier now that he's two and a half.

I think the ultimate lesson is a stronger one that traditional protections. I think he knows that we're there for him during difficult times, that he knows that, when he feels pain, fear, or illness, we are there for hugs, snuggles, and cleanup. He knows that he won't be left alone at night in a scary place. He knows that daily life is a struggle and frequently filled with difficult times and pain and discomfort, but We will all be there for him. That's a harsh lesson to learn at such a young age.

Ultimately, I think it'll serve him better than most kids, and it'll hopefully let us have acloser relationship and stave off a few battles later on in life. But, dammit, I didn't want this to become an early turn in the course of his life.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Two extraordinary events!

First, The Wife and I actually got to go to a movie this morning - you know, like real people occasionally do. We saw Avatar in IMAX 3D, and it was awesome. First movie that we saw, incidentally, since Star Trek last summer.

Yet another good thing about coming out here: the fact that it's easier for us to pretend, every once in a while, that we are normal. It doesn't happen often or last long, but it's a nice change.

Second event: The Boy made poopy on the potty, TWICE! Isn't that exciting? We are pretty darn happy about that. Toilet training would make a few things be an awful lot easier, particularly in the hospital - getting rid of diaper hell, for one.

Down part? Every time he poops, he screams in agony and clutches his rear end. That's not good. Stool softener, maybe? We'll talk to the doctor tomorrow morning.

Football, then football, then bed early. The Boy fell asleep on my shoulder a little bit ago, and I'm going to join him.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Good Day

Today was another one of those great days, of which we've become accustomed. The Wife and I went out to breakfast this morning with Younger Bro, leaving The Boy eating breakfast with Grandpa. We found a neat little place in Regent Square using the Yelp app on my iPhone. The rest of the morning was spent finishing my iPhone game that's consumed much of my hospital time for this month. Early afternoon was spent emptying the storage locker for the last time. I then spent a nice chunk of time helping out around the house, changing some light bulbs, straightening up, and such.

Mommy cooked a great meatloaf dinner. The Boy enjoyed meatloaf, and both boys enjoyed some avacado. It's not on The Boy's diet list, but considering that he's eaten a diet of eggcheese and noodles only, we're alright with that. He's also eaten some Gorilla Munch cereal, and the occasional little chunk of something else. Everything else is sodium and potassium free, so a little bit of cheating isn't a bad thing. He's been eating like a two-year-old lately, meaning grazing through many different meals in a day. That's fine.

The Boy and I got outside to play for a little while today. He drew with some chalk and went for a ride in the wagon.

Younger Bro has been wonderful all day today. He's getting the hang of the whole moving thing, and he can inch himself toward something that he wants. It's so neat to see, even if he now requires 100% attention when on the floor. He's a little machine in his movements, meaning he's "on" or "off" - full frantic momentum or asleep. No resting and snuggling for YB, nosiree.

Tonight, The Boy dozed with Grandma while I filed three months worth of papers and helped fold laundry. How exciting, no? We might go see Avatar tomorrow morning.

"The Boy, would you like to watch Scrubs with us?" His reply: "How 'bout... Street!" Sigh.

Another direct quote: "Batman! Yay!" I'll learn him comics but good, lemme tell you!

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We're finally completely done and out of the storage locker. w00t!

Lazy day. Just right for lovin' away. Time to go outside and wresle with a boy or two.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Intelligence Test

Not being around too many other kids, it's sometimes difficult to judge how The Boy's behavior is, in comparison with others. One thing I'm certain of, though, is his sense of humor. He has a fine and keen sense of the ridiculous. Here he is, prepping for Wednesday's trip to the comic book store, pointing the direction to the store.

Yesterday, we were all playing in the boys' bedroom. The Boy climbed up on the bed in there, put his head down, and snores quite loudly. It's a little game we play - I pretend that I've fallen asleep, and he jumps on me to wake me up again. Every once in a while, he falls "asleep" and I try to wake him up. It's neat to see age-appropriate or above pretending.

He's started this cute little face-cover thing with his hands when he's about to be tickled, or when he sees something really humorous. Again, humor is a good sign of intelligence - along with the counting to 20, knowing the alphabet at 18 months, and similar things.

Here's a video of The Boy, playing the musical instrument game described yesterday. It starts with Younger Bro playing with the table, but swings over soon.

We had another nice day today. Slept until almost 9. Mommy took YB to Costco after breakfast, and The Boy and I played until she got home. Well, he played. I spent two hours on the phone arguing with St. Barnabas about different medical bills.

(Bottom line? Horizon chose to ignore the referral numbers and charged us for out of network. When the hospital was told this, they had to find the referral numbers and resubmit. Horizon refuses it, they resubmit, Horizon refuses, they threaten lawsuit, and Horizon eventually pays. Keep track of your referral numbers, folks.)

After lunch, I stopped by the storage locker to pick up some documents, to Staples to copy them, to the post office to send them to our real estate attourney. Then, I exercises again - twice in a week for the first time since August. Meanwhile, Mommy napped with a pile of boys. Is it odd that he sleeps with his eyes open?

After dinner, we tried for a second family movie night. The Boy wasn't into Beauty and the Beast upstairs, or Finding Nemo downstairs. He wasn't into the popcorn but was into the ice cream. He was into the Mickey and the Beanstalk, narrated by Ingmar Bergman, which we've now watched twice.

In short, another boring day. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Regaining my Humanity

It's been a blissfully boring several days here at Casa de Musical. We got home on Sunday morning, and we spent the rest of the day getting ourselves rested, cleaned up, and organized. The Wife and I were even given the privilege of going out for dessert that night! Thanks to Deborah for giving us the gift card to the Cheesecake Factory. We had a nice discussion about finding helpers to keep us sane in the hospital; particularly once The Wife starts subbing soon, we don't want anyone stuck in the hospital with two kids for any length of time, and we want to spread the pressure around a little bit.

Monday was spent unpacking more stuff from the storage locker and starting to move the furniture. We did some relatively major housecleaning, and I got some nice time playing with two boys together.

Tuesday, I actually got to go to a barbershop chorus rehearsal!! Grandma and Grandpa were quite happy to watch the boys. It was fun - not entirely sure if I want to go back, because they aren't quite what I'm looking for in a chorus. Still, I can't believe I actually got to go sing!!!

Today was another nice day. We had a full family breakfast - both boys joined us, and it was so nice. We even had a nice lunch together. I'm getting used to this whole family thing again. I finished taking everything out of the storage locker besides the filing cabinet and the computer desk. I took The Boy to the comic book store, which he was really excites about - until he got there, when he got scared. I think he misses the Little Shop of Comics, which had the friendliest staff and had been part of his life since birth. He'll get used to the new people soon.

Tonight, we had a repeat of The Boy's nightly schedule: snuggle Grandma until sleep, then freak out when we bring him to bed. Wonderful. Nothing better than a loudly screaming child at 11pm. It's nice that he's getting the great bonding time with Grandma, true; we just need to time things better.

Best part of the day for me: I actually got to go exercise at the JCC. Like, lifting weights and stuff. It was awesome! Thank you, grandma, grandpa, and aunt w!

The Boy has counts tomorrow. We're not expecting him to need anything, because he got blood Sunday morning. Here's to hoping. He's still vomiting fairly often, which is no fun for us. It sure is keeping us on our toes to get the Zofran to him. At least he's eating reasonably regularly, even though his consist entirely of: eggs & cheese, noodles and dip, and a few other things on rare occasions (chicken, watermelon, ice cream, sprinkles from cookies, cereal).

Biggest news: the house sale is moving forward. I've been able to sing, to exercise, and even to read a book. The Boy is in a decent place, healthwise. Heck, his blood pressure has been amazingly normal lately! The news is: maybe, just maybe, I'll become human again.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Younger Bro was sitting on my wife's lap, reaching for iPhone, when I put the dictation app up to his face. It interpreted his cries as: "Cool or are you on her". Neat, huh?

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Boredom Isn't a Bad Thing

Chemo 15 is a good night's sleep away from being over. It's been a pretty good week, but that's not entirely surprising. Chemo is very predictable and, aside from a few vomiting incidents and poop with an epic stink, simply not that exciting. Having said that, there's a few things that I've noticed that are different from chemo #1 through chemo #13 (the ones that I've had a part):

The Boy has started working on his colors, and working quite diligently. (Note the sorting of blocks by color above.) He's trying to identify the color of almost everything that he touches: pencils, crayons, paper, blocks and legos, foods, clothes. He doesn't always get it right; he has a tendency to mix up red with blue, to forget the name of yellow, and to call purple blue. His favorite color seems to be brown, as that is the preferred color of crayons and pencils that he takes as well as construction paper.

The Boy REALLY knows the names of musical instruments, even those that are cartoon caricatures. When watching "Zin Zin Zin" or "Tubby the Tuba" (the original 1947 one, natch) or "Fantasia" or whatever, he's right on the money when it comes to identifying violins, cellos, basses, flutes, oboes, saxophones, bassoons, trumpets, trombones, French horns, and tubas. The drums he confuses a little bit, and he tends to mix up clarinets and oboes.

This GFR test is really, really interesting. I echo Logical Mommy's assertion of "why have we been in treatment for more than 18 months and only NOW hearing about this," and "why have we been in treatment for more than 18 months and only had cytoxin and carboplatin levels adjusted once or twice?" Dr. Graves told us that he would be doing a GFR until further notice at the start of every chemo and adjusting accordingly.

For this chemo, The Boy did almost no playing in the hospital room. Instead, he walked (or was carried) to the playroom several times per day, totalling several hours each day. This was nice, as the room never got messy, and somebody else cleaned up / cleaned all of the toys. (I hope.) It's leading us to seriously reconsider what we need to bring back and forth to the hospital for each visit. Definites: books (even though he won't let us read to him yet, that'll change), some puzzle-type things (current favorite is an aleph-bet puzzle to learn his Hebrew), iPod cord, iPod, little refrigerator, booster seat. Pretty much, everything else has an analogue in the playroom. I'd need to check, but I guess that if The Boy was sick, we'd just borrow toys / crayons / paper from the playroom and keep it in our room until we were done.

Younger Bro is very cute and has a nice sense of humor. This morning, at 6:15, he decided that he wanted to get Daddy. So, he turned himself, grabbed my pajama sleeve, and pulled himself towards me. When he got to my arm, he started chewing. Not satisfied, he grabbed the pajama top and pulled himself to withing chewing distance of my shoulder and side. The whole time, he was grinning madly and squealing at me. Little stinker knew that he was messing with me, and he was enjoying every minute of it. It's interesting how different he is from his brother. For one thing, he spends lots more time chewing on sheets and pillows than The Boy did. For another, he LOVES LOVES LOVES to squeal and squeak in a super-high register. He's lots more vocal than The Boy was; not that The Boy was silent, but Younger Bro tops him pretty strongly. YB is also fascinated by watching The Boy every chance he gets, and YB still wants to chew on him whenever possible.

That boy loves his chewing.

Reading an electronic book on an iPhone is a little bit of a pain, but I'm not willing - at this point - to shell out money and carrying-room space for a Kindle or a Sony Reader. I'm also not looking at the mythical and assumed Apple iTablet as a solution to this, because that stuff won't fit into my pocket for hospital time. The portability of the iPhone, at this time, wins over the ease of reading on a Kindle and what I assume from the iTablet or iSlate or whatever they're calling it.

The book is currently Carl Sagan's "Contact." The music is the Ambassadors of Harmony's album "Applause." The tv show of choice is the first two episodes of this season of "Chuck." The Boy's current favorite show is "Tubby the Tuba."

Friday, January 15, 2010

Good start to the year!

Chemo #15 is 80% done, and it has been a nice chemo with no unanticipated events occurring. The Boy is doing pretty well so far. Yesterday, he woke up in an amazingly good mood. It helped that I had ordered breakfast so that it arrived shortly before he woke, so that he had "egg-cheese" immediately upon awakening. He had a great time at physical therapy, even though his game was pushing me down onto the ground, jumping on top of me, then chasing a couple of balls around the room before starting it again. We got back to the room, rested a little bit, then went to the playroom for an hour. Upon awakening from the subsequent nap, he was grouchy and out-of-sorts. I gave him some Tylenol and some new nausea medication that the doctor prescribed; at that point, Grandma sent me home and reported that he had an otherwise uneventful evening.

This morning, when I relieved Grandma, he was quite grumpy and uncomfortable. He only lasted about 15 minutes at physical therapy, because he wasn't in the mood to do anything or try any new games. However, we had a new surprise for him: Elmo and Grover came to visit the hospital today!!! Sesame Street Live is in town this weekend, and a couple of the actors came by the hospital. The Boy was quite excited about it as we built it up all morning; one sight of the HUGE Elmo & Grover suits sent him crying and running to Grandma. We got a couple of decent pictures, but it wasn't the positive experience that I was hoping it would be.

We went upstairs, and I had lunch with The Wife while Grandma rested with The Boy. She left after lunch, and we were visited by their rabbi and a couple of friends of mine from the Dapper Dans. The guys were in town because one was auditioning for Duquesne's music program. The rabbi came by to visit, which was really nice.

The rest of the day went quickly. The Boy took a quick nap and watched "Tubby the Tuba" about seven times in a row. I read some of my book, alternating sections with tickling a toddler. Grandma relieved me at dinnertime, and The Wife and I made a quick Trader Joe's run before going home. I've spent the night playing a video game on my iPhone and clearing a few things off of the TiVo. Exciting, yes, but such is life.

Currently playing: "Once More, With Feeling," from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer Season 6. The video game is "Seed 1: Rise of Darkness." The drink is Diet Mountain Dew, and the snack is Trader Joe's chocolate-covered edamame. The book is, "At the Death," by Harry Turtledove.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Uneventful Chemotherapy?!?

After the IV went in this morning, things settled down quickly. Dining screwed up The Boy's breakfast, but one of the assistant directors ran up a replacement. He understood that one does not make a 2-year old wait another 45 minutes for his food. The Boy said a hearty thank-you and ripped into the eggcheese with such gusto that he made a friend out of the director.

The test people injected The Boy with radioactive stuff at 8, then took blood at 10, 10:30, and 11. His levels were a 54, which is lower than the average of 90 and much higher than the transplant level of 15. The test people were nice, and they made sure to communicate effectively with our nurse so they didn't screw anything up. That's nice to see.

The Boy went for a sort-of scheduled audiology appointment. I say sort of because we had a standing order for a test whenever we had a chance. He wasn't cooperative for the normal test, which made things a little difficult. They settled for a passive test. While they set it up, he fell asleep, which was fine. He didn't need to be awake but needed to be quiet. The whole thing took 2 hours, which was much too long.

The Wife and Younger Bro came by for most of the day, which was nice. She has an interview tomorrow for subbing in town. Good thing, because we need the money. YB was quite happy, cute, and engaging. He's starting to reach for the people he wants now, and he's having lots of fun experimenting with the whole eating thing.

After the test, Grandma and Aunt M. came by and sent us home. The Wife and I had a nice conversation about family communication. It's hard for me to remember what I told anyone, because for most of the past 2 weeks, I've been alone with The Boy for around 21 hours per day. That much time with a semi-verbal toddler does weird things with your head, and I wa having a difficult time remembering what I told my wife, Grandma, and my father, in regards to news and thanks and passing messages. Sigh. Whatever. It's a learning process.

I had dinner with The Wife, YB and Grandpa. It was nice, particularly since i don't sit with adults to eat very often. Then, it was back to the hospital. Two trips to the playroom, a bedtime story, some good natured tickling and snuggling, and listening to barbershop later, and he was asleep. I'll join him at 11:30, after Diaper Hell change.

We also met Becca and her Mom. Becca's starting the process for a bone marrow transplant. She's 16, and a neat chick. They're from Latrobe, which is 90 minutes away. Send a prayer their way, would you? Her sister is a perfect match, thank G-d, but she's got a long road ahead of her.

IV Placement

Nurse Janice from the IV team placed the line this morning. We like Nurse Janice. She was really good and really quick. Plus, they used the emla (numbing) cream, which helped a bit.

Here's his left hand:

The plastic bubble is a protector. He's also wearing a padded splint so he doesn't bend his wrist.

Now, The Boy is awake, sitting up and eating a cereal bar and drinking apple juice. We just started watching "Up!"

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Chemo 15, Day 0

The day started with some early morning errands, then I cooked The Boy his beloved "egg cheese." He took about 3 bites and took his bib off. "Done!"

This was the cake at dinner the previous night. NED means, of course, No Evidence of Disease. Cancer is never cured, just in remission.

He apparently threw up again last night, at some point after The Wife and I fell asleep. His appetite was not really back all day, but he hasn't vomited yet. w00t.

He's had some diarhea today, which is never much fun. It's not chemo butt or vancomycin butt, so it could be worse. Whatever. We've passedthe bug around the house.

We got to the clinic at 1 and got in at 1:30. There was a boy there for a checkup who was The Boy's age - and had two brain tumors and had done his chemo and radiation. Man, it could be worse for us. Thank G-d that The Boy had his facilities. The nurse did vitals and accessed his port, and The Boy fell asleep in my lap. He slept through Dr. Graves' exam, through our admission to the floor, through the hem-onc nurse's exam and the medical history given to the children - I mean, residents.

(Side story: the elder resident said, while going over The Boy's schedule, that he'd be getting a spinal tap tomorrow. What what what? Turns out he opened the wrong window on the computer. ugh. That's why an adult always has to be with the pediatric patients - to ensure that the correct things are done.)

After that, Grandma arrived. The Boy interested himself in Mary Poppins on tv, which was great, considering that we don't have his hospital iPod since I knocked it across the room on Friday. Sigh. I'm borrowing Grandma's, but it's only 8GB and holds half the stuff that we usually take. Well, that's still more than most have. We'll see how it works out.

I got home to have dinner with Mommy and Younger Bro. Thank G-d for the baby. He's such a happy, big, strong, joyful little dude! Being with him nowadays is relaxing and fun. He's figured out - mostly - which end of the sippy cup goes in his mouth, even if he hasn't figured out the drinking thing. And, I love the great, bigl, whole body grins he gets when he sees me!

Tomorrow morning, The Boy gets peripheral IV put in. Radioactive stuff gets put in, and blood drawn every hour tells how his kidneys filter the stuff out. Then, they can set the levels of cytoxin for this round of chemo. Five days, one night of diaper hell, and we're back to the grind.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Should be a fun day tomorrow...

Tomorrow, we have a 1PM appointment for a checkup at the oncology clinic at the children's hospital. After the checkup, we should be admitted. They want to do a renal function test, as I've said before, and then start chemo #15 immediately afterwards.

It's been a decent, uneventful weekend, all things considered. My father came by at the end of the week for an uneventful trip. We spent Saturday doing... not much, as I was recuperating from the hospital week. Today was more of the same.

The Boy is doing... well, we're not entirely sure. He's okay, I guess. I think we probably took him home a little too early, as he's still not really close to himself. He hasn't keep a whole lot of food down this weekend - almost nothing today, and only a little bit of stuff from yesterday. We definitely should have kept him on a much, much, much plainer diet than what he had been eating. Not that I think it would have helped, necessarily, but it surely couldn't have hurt.

He's also had a few temper tantrums over the past couple of days, events that are not normal for him. It's a shame, because he hasn't had the time to really enjoy his home stay. He's a good boy, and when he spends his time angry and upset, it's never good.

The best "Go, Team!" moment of the weekend: The Boy vomited on Grandma's lap tonight. Grandma and Daddy stripped him down, Daddy cleaned off the comforter. Mommy took the laundry down to the machine, and Daddy dressed The Boy while Grandma cleaned herself up. Grandpa stripped the rest of the bed and remade it.

On the other hand, Younger Bro and I have had a great weekend. He's been his usual happy, fun, playful self. He loves his silver rattle - a handmedown from Cousin B in California. He'll actually play with it for 15 or 20 minutes at a time! On the other hand, he hasn't taken to the bouncearoo at all - he'll play with the toys, but he won't actually bounce. And, of course, he loves his toes.

The monitor of my PC just died. I'm upset about it. I'll probably run to Best Buy or to Staples first thing in the morning to get a new one.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I think I may be dying...

Okay, I exaggerate a little bit. But, there is some amount of adrenaline-fueled issues coming to the surface.

I was going to do a day by day, but suffice it to say that, with a BAD week-long hospital stay in the middle, I've been working my tail off to get us settled. Everything I did was to prepare for the worst-case scenario in the surgery. Our entire focus was keeping The Boy happy an healthy while we prepped for a tragic set of news.

Then, a miracle happens. The beyond-best-case-scenario resulted. Then, everyone in the house got sick, leaving me by myself with The Boy for around 20 hours per day all week. Thankfully, he healed much quicker than we could have hoped, and we got home this afternoon.

And, now I'm sick. Not surprised, but my stomach and sense of balance has entirely given out. I knew there would be a price to pay, and now I'm paying it. One can't run on adrenaline and emotion forever, and it's time to pay the piper.

I'll get over it. It should be done in a day or two. Then, it's back to the hospital: Monday, admitted for checkup, renal function test, and 5-day chemo, #15.

Hopefully, I'll make it through this one as smoothly.

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