Monday, January 10, 2011

Drop Back and Punt

So, we're temporarily punting the whole The Boy in his own bed thing. It's turned into a major stressor for everybody involved, and it just doesn't seem to be important enough to fight over.

The way I figure it, we need to do one of three things: 1, put the gate up and let him cry himself to sleep each time he wakes until he gets in the habit of staying asleep in his own room. Not an acceptable option, as it's unfair to everyone in the house, particularly the brother with whom he shares a room. Two, be really rigorous regarding a bedtime procedure, eliminate his sleeping with us entirely, and walk him back to his room and do what is necessary to get him back to sleep, which could mean sitting with him for some time, every hour at night. This is a gentle method, but one for which we haven't the energy. Three, do what we're doing: keep to a reasonable bedtime procedure, and take a break from his own bed. This weekend, when we're all not sick, we'll get him back to (at least) starting the night in his own bed.

It's not necessarily the most important thing for us, The Boy being in his own bed. It does make it more difficult to play snugglebunnies with The Wife. But, if he needs to be with us, we're willing to deal with it.

If it was something important - medicines, hearing aids, chemo, IV lines, that sort of thing - we'd fight about it. It isn't. We're fairly sure that he'll be in his own bed by high school. Whatever.

Maybe it's also time to finally finish reading the "No-Cry Sleep Solution," and implement a system. I don't know.

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Johanna S said...

Same here, all the way around. We have a mattress for her next to our bed. She still comes in bed with us at some point in the middle of the night. She brings her stuffies too! I don't know how I'll feel about it next month, but, for now, I am figuring we'll do whatever lets us get the most sleep. Please do let us know if you figure out something!