Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Day of School!

The Boy had his first day of preschool today, at a local Reform Temple. He's in the "3-year old" class, which consists of 9 total children (4 boys, 5 girls). The interesting thing is that one of the girls in the class is a kidney transplant recipient! What are the odds, in a 9-person class, that one other person would have significant kidney issues?

My guess is that it's slightly more common than one would realize. I liken it to the birthday thing: when you have a group of people more than, say, 20, it seems likely that two people will share a birthday. That's something that should be a 1 in 365 (or 366) thing, but it always seems to happen. Now that we're locked into the cancer community, the Wilms Tumor community, and the kidney community, we start to notice more and more children that have those or similar issues. Logical Mommy is on a big card-exchanging list with other Wilms Tumor patients. But, I digress. School.

The Boy doesn't quite possess the tools to describe his day. He remembers stuff and remembers people, but he doesn't quite put the order of events to words. The Wife brought him to school with hearing aids, but she had to return in an hour or so because of an excessive amount of feedback. She thinks that it was the attachment straps that were causing the feedback.

Anyway, he had a great time. When Mum arrived at the end of the day (12:30) to pick him up, he was still wearing the same pants - no accidents! They have little potties there for the kids, which The Boy loves. Of course, he was standing in front of the fridge with poo in his pants, but we've chosen to think of the positives. He did a lot of playing and enjoyed his lunch. I don't know what they did for the rest of the day, but he had a lot of fun and said that he wants to go back tomorrow. He even checked a book out of the "library" and let me read it to him!

Younger Bro stayed with Mum for the duration, and they had a lot fun. She's trying to do something active and interesting with him while The Boy is at school. They could then, hopefully, all nap in the afternoon together. That's the way it worked today.

School was a success, so far. Let's hope that the positives (the games, the play, the fun, the love of learning new stuff) last much, much longer than the negatives (the ridicule, the cliques, the ignorant and small-minded teachers).


Johanna S said...

Glad to hear that it went so well for The Boy! The first day... You just don't know what to expect. I was so nervous on Ari's first day! I have been told that the fact that they don't say much about their day is developmentally appropriate. They talk a bit about random things. They may say what just happened at the end of the day. But they won't tell us the whole story. I so would love to hear the whole story every day! Some day they will!

Steve said...

As my mother can attest to, anything better than
"Good." or "Fine." is a godsend of information. Glad the first day went well! I had to see a shrink after my first few months at pre-school. I don't remember that time of my life very well, but apparently I was being disruptive and the teacher feared mental illness. Turns out I was just bored and needed something to do.