Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Handful...

The boys haven't been feeling particularly well over the past couple of days, and it's shown in their behavior. Don't get me wrong - my children are quite sweet and are reasonably behaved, for toddlers. It's just that, when they're feeling icky, they aren't are sweet and fun and considerate as when they're healthy and raring to go.

Last night, The Boy spiked a 103-degree temperature, just as The Wife and I were coming home from the officers' installation dinner for my barbershop chapter. It was a nice night out with our nice friends, and it was an unfortunate end to the evening. Not a bad ending; not a "Pack the hospital bag, we're planning a two-week stay in the Hotel St. Barnabas" ending, just unfortunate. Some Tylenol, a viewing of "Bedtime With Elmo," and lots of extra snuggles got us through that crisis. This morning, he woke up with a 98.8 temperature (axillary - under the arm - so add a degree), and all was relatively normal for the day.

Younger Bro gets disturbingly familiar to my behavior when he's not feeling well: he digs his heels in the ground and shows every ounce of stubbornness that his tiny little frame possesses. He makes a beeline for everything he's not supposed to have - water faucets, food in packages, dishes, knives, etc. He goes for them normally, but he can be diverted with some effort. When he's not feeling well, he seems to go for the stuff that gets him immediate attention and feedback. He was a candidate for early dismissal tonight, and was in bed by around 6:45.

The Boy has started some amazing things lately. He's been enjoying drawing his alphabet and numbers on the chalkboard. He'll draw the upper case and lower case letters, announce them to the room, erase them and start the next letter. Most interestingly, he's started doing that with the Hebrew letters, the aleph-bet. (Named because the first two letters are "aleph" and "bet," just like the first two letters of the Greek alphabet are "alpha" and "beta.")

Entertainingly, he's been doing "aleph-bet yoga" over the last couple of days: making the shapes of the aleph-bet with his body in yoga-like positions. This is a source of general hilarity (Grandma even bought a book to encourage it, which hasn't arrived yet), and occasional grossness. Why grossness? Well, my boys don't like to wear pants very often. Naked boy, doing bent-over yoga poses... yuck. That's a view of my son that I don't particularly want, yet seems to happen relatively often. Butt & nuts. Butt & nuts.

He seems to have turned a corner on the potty business, as well. At least, two of the three school days last week, he came home with the same pants that he wore to school. Yesterday and today, he's even said, "Got to drop what I'm doing and go to the potty!" like Grover & Elmo from "Elmo's Potty Time."

The bedtime thing has regressed; he's spent about four total hours in his bed over the past week. That's unfortunate. It also gets to be a tad crowded, as Younger Bro likes to join us in bed when he's not feeling well (like the last week or so). Sigh. We're going to need a king-size bed.

Here's the pictures of the alphabet, from a diner in New Jersey last week: It's hard to see, but it's fairly clear when you zoom in.

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Sarah R said...

He's doing great!!!

Love the "butt and nuts" -- it made me literally laught out loud!