Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nighttime Cuteness

So, I was out all day and evening today - went right from work to the computer repair place (my PC is crashing like gangbusters) to a quartet job, singing for a local minor league team's winter hot stove dinner. We got paid in a hat, a signed baseball and dinner, which is wonderful, as far as in concerned. Pictured is me and Jim Leyland, former Pirates manager.

When I arrived home at 10, The Boy was still awake (surprise, surprise).

He was in prime cuteness form. He told his usual jokes (the "A told T" bit from Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, where he scrambles his letters on purpose) and cruised for some hugs and smuggles. He then actually told me about his school day, reporting about sitting in a circle and listening to a story and playing with blocks that had letters and that he likes Abigail. Very nice to hear!

He was also going "Tickle, tickle!" and tickling my belly! And, he'd grab the sides of my face, turn my cheek toward him, and kiss it three or four times, until an appropriate squeak was created. He'd then giggle And do it again. Very cute and endearing. It's also insanely fulfilling to hear, "I love you, Daddy!"

It sucks being away from home for so long, but it's awesome to get such great welcomes from my sons. It's also nice to be a stretch of perfectly normal and appropriate behavior from them. Here's The Boy walking around in a pair of Grandma's snow boots (and no pants - reminds me of college):

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Johanna S said...

Love it! What a sweetheart! Isn't it amazing how they can make your day in five minutes?!