Saturday, January 15, 2011

Normal Development

From the annals of the "Entirely Normal Development" files, here's a couple of neat things that my kids can now do that is entirely and utterly ordinary:

Little Bear has started saying, "Again!" when he wants you to do something with him again. I gave him a toss in the air, and he said "Again!" about fifteen times. Tossing a 30-ish pound kid in the air and catching him again is a nice military press sort of shoulder workout.

He's also making more definite choices, shaking his head in less time when presented with several different options. He's also gotten in the really bad habit of grazing - constant eating without eating too much at any one meal. That's not such a great habit for him, and we'll hopefully get him out of it quickly.

Little Bear is also starting to use two word sentences quite often, like "Hi, Daddy!" and "Hi, Mum!." He's also using "Up!" for upstairs, "Down!" for downstairs, "Go!" for going out or on errands, "Beans!" for jelly beans, "Pop!" for lollypop, and he says the names of all of the immediate family members and knows what they are in an abstract manner as well. When told, he can "Find Grandma!" When I say, "Where's the monkey?", he'll go look in the mirror and giggle. He also knows that the mirror is a mirror and knows the difference between the mirror Daddy and the actual Daddy.

We're fairly sure that Little Bear is working on his last couple of teeth right now, at the same time as he's trying to get over the cold that has him snotting all over the place. He's got his 18 month well checkup tomorrow morning. We're going to go to breakfast at a new IHOP near the doctor's office.

The Boy is starting to speak quite clearly and quite fluently. He invites me to do things with him: "Daddy, come with me to the living room!" "Daddy, come play chalk with me!" "Daddy NOT on the computer, Daddy come play with The Boy!" He gets irritated when his adult playmate gets distracted by something.

He loves playing with Grandma's iPad! He really plays with lots of different applications. He loves playing with some of the coloring programs - touch the color at the bottom of the screen, then touch part of the picture to color it. He talks to a cat application that echoes you in a funny voice - Grandma says that he really talks to it, talking in ways that we never hear him talk (giving directions, telling stories). The drawing applications are the best - he draws alphabet and aleph-bet letters using the drawing applications.

Over the past five or six days, The Boy has had stellar potty days. Today is a perfect example: when he was home, he took himself to the potty every time, whether clothed or not! That's new. This morning, I found him sitting in the potty, pants around his ankles, like a good little potty user. This is more than "progress towards goal;" this is almost reaching it!

Tomorrow, we're taking him to see Mary Poppins live on the travelling Broadway stage. We're all excited about it; The Boy has even been remembering that he's going to go, and he's been talking about it!

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Sarah R said...

Two perfect boys! :) :)