Sunday, January 30, 2011


The Boy loves letters and numbers, has figured out letter sounds and some basic phonics, and makes letters out of anything that is in reach (including drawing them quite well), but hates being read to.

Little Bear loves being read to, and fills in words and sounds when given the opportunity - much earlier than The Boy, although he wasn't given the opportunity as consistently. Different intelligence development, or different parents?

The Boy whines much more than his brother, but the brother is more likely to throw a tantrum involving throwing stuff and hitting than The Boy ever did. #BamBam

Little Bear seems to know his Aleph-bet better than his Alphabet, mostly due to Aleph-bet Yoga.

Little Bear loves when you sing to him and frequently asks for song repeats.

The Boy's new favorite game is "No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed," where he starts jumping and I catch him and say that phrase. If I've done that less than 500 times this weekend...

Little Bear has finally started going downstairs backwards, which is safer for him. The Boy is going up stairs standing and alternating feet, which is a big deal considering the state of his physical therapy.

Little Bear is consistently and easily telling us what he wants at the dinner table, both by pointing and verbalizing. "That!" is what he uses when he doesn't know the word.

The Boy has really turned the corner on potty time. This was caused by his preschool experiences and by us backing off when he says he doesn't have to go.

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