Friday, January 14, 2011


Today, The Boy greeted me at the door, wearing a yarmulke and excitedly exclaiming, "Daddy! It's Shabbat!" he loves that particular yarmulke because it has aleph-bet letters on it. That means, of course, that he'll wear it for almost three whole minutes before yanking it off his head.

The really neat thing? For the first time, he said the blessing of the wine with Mum! "Baruch ata... etc," all the way to the end! He was fuzzier on the bread blessing, but, wow! What a start! It's hard to believe the changes in him in the two weeks he's been at preschool. He loves his teachers and the other students, and he's really thriving. They love him, particularly the way he makes letters out of anything and everything. Apparently, he's even sat still for storytime! I've never seen that out of him. He's even sang the songs and done the hand motions at music time, which is a relief to hear.

I admit to being really concerned about The Boy's ability to adjust to the preschool environment and to all of the other students. I was concerned that the amount of isolation time through the course of his treatment was severely damaging. The jury's still out, but early results are encouraging.

The Wife reminded me about some of the other long-term side effects, like concentration issues (The Wife's side of the family: above average concentration. My side: near-autistic, definitely ADHD hyper-focus) and difficulty with higher math (The Wife's side: above average to holy cow. My side: the same, but I'm closer to holy cow than my wife is). The optimist in me says that that might mean that he goes through occasional periods of merely above average school performance. The pessimist is not pleased.

Still, future potential learning issues aside, I'm thrilled with the first two weeks of preschool and excited to see what the future brings.

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