Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sleepytime Fun

So, the other night, we finally got The Boy asleep, after a long resistance to sleeping in his own bed. I crashed and immediately fell asleep. The Wife went downstairs and acted like a grownup (what?) for a little while. She came up around 1AM to go to sleep, walked in our room, and laughed enough to wake me up.

Turns out The Boy "snuck" into our room around midnight. He came around to my side of the bed, as per usual, and started to crawl into bed with me. I attempted to be accomodating and rolled onto my back to help. He made it halfway across, ran out of energy, and fell asleep. His legs were hanging off the side of the bed, and his upper half was splayed across my midsection, thumb in mouth (of course), asleep. Apparently, we'd been like that for an hour or so.

Aren't kids wonderful?

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Johanna S said...

Must have been quite the sight! Very cute! I think I'm beginning to accept that my daughter will sleep on a mattress next to us until she takes off for college and that I will take turns snuggling with her and with my husband until then! Sometimes it frustrates me, but I also so love it!