Friday, January 7, 2011

Some 2010 Statistics

From my iTunes Library file, which doesn't count a handful of stuff because of computer errors / crashes / et al:

Total music heard: 6639 items
Total time: 17 days, 0 hours, 46 minutes
Total space used: 37.58 GB

This doesn't include multiple listens of the same items, like learning tracks. This counts everything once only, so my guess is that we're probably closer to 30 days of music, which is on the low side of sounding right - think about the number of times that we've listened to the kids' music and my learning tracks and the rare album that I obsess over.

Most plays, 2010 items: This isn't just plays in 2010, this is total plays. They don't keep track of each play by date and time, just the total number and last played.
"You've Got A Friend In Me," by Max Q (For The Children), 128 plays
"Bad Horse Chorus" and "Freeze Ray," from the Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog Soudntrack, 107 and 93 plays, respectively.
"Old MacDonald," by Max Q (For the Children), 78
"Brand New Day," from Dr. Horrible, 74 plays
The next two tracks are from Roland Wyatt's "Guideposts for Singing Bass," and they have 73 plays each.

The first track that isn't a learning track for my chorus/quartet or a kids' track is "Lazy Day," by the Gas House Gang (The Gas House Gang's 5th), with 19 plays. It's quite a ways down the list. The next group of stuff is holiday music, which tends to get a lot of playing in November and December, although since my collection has grown to 600+ holiday tracks, I can get through one and a half times each, unlike the 5 or 6 times that I could get through stuff in smaller-collection years.

From a total collection standpoint, I'm sitting at 18,850 items, or a 50 day, 2 hour, 57 minute play time and 90.19GB of storage space. I've ripped (from my own DVDs, thankyouverymuch) 51 movies and 160 TV show episodes, but most of the movies are Sesame Street stuff and the TV shows are mostly kids stuff as well. The ebooks (around 50) are mine and, with two exceptions ("Whale Done Parenting" and "The Colorado Kid," the latter by Stephen King), are pulled from the free section of iBooks.

That also doesn't count podcasts, to which I am currently subscribed to 12. That's down pretty significantly, and 7 of them are weekly (with 1 going daily during the baseball season and 1 other that is "every blue moon" regular).

Okay, statistics and some bragging over. Here's a cute kid picture to reward those who actually read this:

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