Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Voyage Home

This morning, we had a nice family brunch. The boys got some great time with their uncles and their aunt and cousins, and The Wife did an extraordinary job cooking steak and pancakes. (Not in the same pan.) We had a great time, and it was nice to have the whole family (save for two nieces, who were working) together. Aunt S and Uncle P played with the boys for about an hour in the basement.

After that, we went to Uncle B's house for a nice New Year's dinner of burritos. I love his burritos. It's just a normal thing of beef, taco sauce, cheese, and sour cream... but it's just special, the way Uncle B does it. His niece, Ava, came by and played with the boys. She was fascinated by Younger Bro, as most of us are. The boys liked the dogs as well.

The drive back to Pittsburgh was easy-peezy. We left Uncle B's at 7 and arrived in Pittsburgh at 1. The boys slept for the overwhelming majority of the trip, which meant that we didn't have to stop. There was no traffic, and the weather cooperated, except for a spatter of rain in the last 20 miles of the trip.

I have much to discuss, including some realizations about my family and our relationships, a discussion about some what-ifs, and the first New Year's with my college friends' children. Not now, because it's 2:25AM and I'm still jittery.

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