Sunday, February 27, 2011


Little Bear has done a pretty amazing job, learning from his brother. He's been saying words and phrases that his brother uses, including two- and three- word sentences. He has, however, taken some things on his own.

He's a climber. He climbs onto anything he can reach, and he's starting to discover that he can use chairs and things to get stuff that he can't reach. The latest is using a set of wire shelves to climb to the top of a desk, then climb across the crowded desk to get the Sesame Street juice boxes. He can't get at the juice in the boxes, but he does rip the straws off.

His brother likes to climb things, but The Boy has more fear and caution. Little Bear is afraid of nothing. Little Bear hasn't figured out jumping yet, but I'm fascinated to see what happens when he does.

Two boys, same genetic stock, very different. Interesting.

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