Friday, February 11, 2011

Climbing, Climbing The Mountain

Today, Little Bear decided to get out of his crib at the end of his nap, and apparently, Aunt J. found him with one leg entirely over the crib rail, with weight barely inside the crib. Now, we start to have the very quick discussions, because we start to hit on some safety issues. This baby that can climb over the rails, yet I'm fairly sure he has no idea how high in the air the top of the crib really is.

So, what do we do? For the most part, when he's in bed, he's in bed. We put him down, he takes his Winnie the Pooh and his blanket, and flops on his belly to sleep. I don't think that, in the bedtime sense, a bed (with a gate over the door) will make that much of a difference. For naptime, it's a bit more of an issue; he will frequently freak out for a little bit before he naps.

Here's where we are really new parents. The Boy has always been an easy napper, because he naps with us. Even during the time when we were trying to get him in his own bed, he was still napping with us. Little Bear is not a "sleep with us" kind of guy. We'd love for him to sleep with us, but he doesn't.

We don't really have a huge idea how to handle this. It's probably dangerous to keep him in his crib, because if he wants to get out, he could fall and hurt himself. The train table will have to move, for sure. We could go get the toddler bed from downstairs, and replace the crib with that. That has the benefit of sleeping in a bed, but with some rails that he can climb into and out of. Or, we could pull out the trundle bed in the room, and Little Bear could sleep in the bottom bed of the trundle bed. This might actually have the side benefit of convincing The Boy to sleep in a bed, although dollars to donuts says that we find the two of the snuggled up at least twice.

I think we'll probably keep him in his crib tonight and make a decision about the bed tomorrow. Tomorrow's a big day, you know?

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