Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oncology Humor

Yesterday, The Boy had his checkup with Dr. Graves, which included a new set of scans. He came through clean and NED, which is what we hoped. The Boy even drew a heart with his name on it for Dr. Graves! Very cute. While they were there, The Wife asked the doctor to check The Boy's ears, as he flipped out more than usual when the hearing aids were applied. The result? An ear infection.

The moral of the story: if you go to the oncologist and come home with the diagnosis of an ear infection, then you're doing pretty darn well.

So, both boys are sick and unhappy, although they perked up quite a bit tonight. We had some nice games between the three of us, and both boys were asleep by about 8:15. I'm watching barbershop quartets while I blog, hoping that The Boy will sleep soundly enough to let me get some ice cream and brush my teeth (not at the same time). Doubt it.

Heartbreak of the day: when I left after work to teach a lesson, The Boy said, "You don't want to teach a lesson! Daddy wants to stay with The Boy and play!" Awwww.... I do want to stay and play, true, but I love my students.

Good work news: they want to keep me for longer, which is nice. I'm happy about that. My new coworkers are really cool guys, and I'm doing interesting and rewarding things! I don't know how long I'll be able to stay, but I'll enjoy whatever I can get.

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Johanna S said...

Tripple yay on NED!!! As far as the heartbreak of the day, what a cute boy you have! I love how adorable, sweet, impish and clever three-year-olds can be!

Sarah R said...

Seeing that NED the other day on FB (your wife's) made me so happy!!!

I feel guilty too when Andrew begs me not to go to work. I love it though, on the weekends when he realizes I am staying with him. :)