Monday, February 21, 2011

Short Hits

Little Bear, on Saturday, was dressed in a nice, button-down shirt, with his hair combed. He looked like a little person instead of the baby. It was almost jarring to me. He's growing up quite quickly, and it's amazing to witness his behavior and language developing on a daily basis.

The Boy seems to have another little bug - he spiked a 102 degree fever (axillary) last night at bedtime. Sigh. It is nice to NOT have to go to the hospital, but... it's still frustrating. This is what we expected for when he started preschool: lots of little colds, because his immune system is way behind the curve for obvious reasons ( not having an immune system for a couple of years).

He dreams about letters. He was talking in his sleep this morning and said, "Want a LITTLE one!" meaning he wants a little letter instead of a big letter. That's awesome.

Little Bear knows all or most of the alphabet song. He doesn't really get what it means, but he can sing along or by himself. He can occasionally identify letters, when he feels like it, but I haven't seen this with regularity.

The Boy is now asking, "What letter does THAT start with?" about all of his words. It's cute as heck, and I have a feeling that he's going to be reading by the summer time. He's working hard on it, that's for sure.

Little Bear can climb into his own car seat, and he enjoys doing so. He also was sitting on my lap yesterday, when he turned to me, said, "Tickle tickle tickle!" and tickled my belly. It was unexpectedly hilarious and cuter than anything.

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