Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Texting and Reading

On Super Bowl Sunday, my father sent me a text message at the end of the game. The Boy had my iPhone, and he pressed "view" instead of "close." He was excited by the letter keyboard that came up, so he typed his name and pressed the big blue send key. He followed that with his brother's name, "ball," and "spell," which is a chunk of the words he can spell.

The entire learn to read process is amazing. The Boy has been learning spelling from tv (Super Why), iPad (Grandma!), and iPhone. Little Bear has been learning letters from tv, singing, and refrigerator magnets. On a daily basis, they seem to get more control of the language. It's pretty cool.

The Wife and I were both early readers, and we remain voracious readers. I know much has been written - rightly so - about how the Internet has changed reading habits. I would still be shocked if my sons didn't read The Lord of the Rings, or Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, or Ender's Game. There's something satisfying about cracking open a book and starting a journey.

I wonder when they'll be able to read on their own. When will they sit down and read their choice of books? Will they like sci-fi, or trend toward mysteries? Or horror? Or self-improvement (shudder)?

How many text messages will they send in their lives? What will replace texting in the next gen devices? What tech things will come up that seem, to them, like the blinking 12:00 on my parents' VCR seemed to me?

So much of parenting is looking at the future. So much of my day is spent enjoying and reveling in their accomplishments and abilities. The Boy, without prompting, told me about his physical therapy yesterday. That's awesome, that it was important and that he wanted to share it! That's also new - he responds to questions, but rarely has enough foresight (yet) to bring subjects up.

Cute boys. Smart boys. Clever and impy boys.

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Johanna S said...

Wow, go The Boy! Congrats on sending his first text message! :) So cool that he can spell some words already! The whole language/writing/reading process is so fascinating. My daughter is obsessed with learning how to write her name, the first letters of everyone's names, etc. We're loving the Scribble, btw. Thanks for the suggestion!

Jennifer said...

He's awesome! My daughter (also 3) sent her first text a month or so ago, but it was more like jad;flkajd. LOL She's definitely can't spell yet...maybe her name on a good day, but that's it.

You've got a smart one. :)

Sarah R said...

Smart boys! I am impressed with The Boy.

Andrew surprised me when he had just turned two by (correctly) identifying the letters on my keyboard. He learned so much just from us reading to him, and from Super Why. That show is awesome, by the way. Now we're working on writing letters with his LeapFrog writer and he has fun with it! Initially, he would just scribble but now he stays on the lights pretty good. He's left-handed so it's a bit of a challenge but hopefully he will be just fine by the time he goes to school. He's already ahead of the game for his age, according to the pediatrician!