Friday, February 25, 2011

What, Me Worry?

When I got home from work yesterday, everyone was still asleep from afternoon naps. I saw my chance: took off my work clothes and hopped into bed with The Boy and The Wife. She opens her eyes. "You stink. Go take a shower."

Sigh. The Boy didn't seem to mind, but I acquiesced to my lady, as usual. The good news? The Boy and I got an hour's worth of sleep together. The bad news? He wasn't asleep until almost 10:30pm. Such is the trade-off.

3.5 is a funny age. They don't always need a nap, but they can usually benefit from one. It's WHEN the nap happens that's tricky. Too early, never bad. Too late in the afternoon, and you're dealing with an energetic little boy when you're trying to get your bedtime routine started.

His brother doesn't have the same issues. He's in bed like clockwork at 7:30, and he sleeps his 11-ish hours without a hitch. He takes a nap in the early afternoon, usually. He's working on climbing out of the crib, which is a problem.

I'll be happy when The Boy is over this Roseola thing. He spiked another fever this morning. It's trending downwards but is still shooting up on occasion. It's frustrating, because he's not sleeping well or consistently because of this illness. This makes us sleep not so well, also. He tosses and turns, kicks, flails, and talks in his sleep - usually about letters or toy trains, entertainingly enough. Last night, he told his brother to stop playing with the trains.

Don't get me wrong - this is nowhere near as challenging as any phase in the cancer treatment. It is just exhausting to work a physical labor job on little sleep.

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