Saturday, March 12, 2011


So, this morning we had the fun experience of taking The Boy to breakfast. His brother came also, but he's generally a lot easier to get out of the door. The Boy, on the other hand, loves to make a huge fuss about everything.

Mom felt like going out for pancakes this morning, so we headed out to the new IHOP that opened up on the other side of town. We were all up at 7:00 or so, so we had plenty of time. Little Bear got dressed with minimal fuss. The Boy started complaining right away: "I don't like pancakes! I don't like going out for breakfast! I want to stay home!"

"Mum wants to go out, so we're going out." "NO! I don't like Mum! I want to go to the living room!"

So, we threw him into the car and went to IHOP. Once there, he got very excited. "Daddy! We're going for pancakes! I love pancakes! I can't wait to have pancakes!"

And, of course, he got mad when we had to leave the restaurant. Sigh. He's a creature of momentum, that's for sure. Once he's moving, he's great. Until then, it's difficult.

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Johanna S said...

We should get him and Ari together and let them tantrum out about the oh so difficult lives they lead where their parents want them to go to school and to go out for breakfast/dinner! I could have written this one! Right there with you! My Ari loves loves her school. Doesn't ever want to leave. It's a whole other story when she gets up at 7am.