Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dead-on Accurate

The Boy finished his business on the potty this morning, and I was in the living room chasing after his little brother. He pulled his pants up and came inside after us, and I intercepted him and pulled him back into the bathroom to clean up. I told him I was going to wipe his bum, and the following exchange happened:

"No, Daddy, you don't want to wipe my bum!"

"True. Wiping your bum is not high on my list. However, it's higher than dealing with dirty clothes and rashes."

"I don't need to wipe my bum!"


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Sarah R said...

OMG! I am going to chalk it up to this being a "three-year-old boy thing". Andrew is independent on the toilet, and will just come running out into the living room when done (pants off, of course, because he prefers to plant both feet on the seat and squat to go). Well, the other day, I caught a whiff of "something" and I said, "Andrew, did you go poop?" He said, "no". Well, when I got into the bathroom, he had forgotten to flush. So then I had to chase him down and wipe his bum.

This week, he may have turned a corner because he now calls me to the bathroom to, "wipe my butt!!"

For as tough as this age is, I do love the comedy of it all...

Sarah R said...

P.S., we do disinfect our leather couch regularly, so it shouldn't smell like ass.