Monday, March 21, 2011

The Grand Experiment

So, The Boy's new room is about 75% done. The bed itself is built, even though the drawers that go underneath aren't completed yet. The armoire is built, even though we're still waiting on the doors and drawers. No big deal, because it's all custom built furniture and takes a little bit of time. The door and new wall are done and painted, the hvac is updated and comfortable, and he has a shelf full of books, a bean bag chair, and a wall mounted chalkboard. Everything a letter-obsessed three year old could possibly want!

We've been pushing the idea of him sleeping in his room and in his new be for a couple of weeks now, ever since Grandma nailed down the contractor time. He's been excited and anxious to move into his new room for some time, and he asks several times per day to go into his room and play. (He needs adult supervision right now because the adjoining room - the rest of the sun room - has tools and tiles and two by fours and things that are put away but accessible to a motivated child.)

We were given the okay by the contractor to move The Boy into the room, so we immediately started the "tonight's the night!" spiel. Even when I got home from barbershop and retrieved him from Grandma, he was excited. We did teeth and potty, we picked out a couple of books from our room (creating a nice bridge of the bedtime routine, I thought), and went into his room. He wanted a few minutes of play time, which I was more than glad to grant. We got into his bed after he said he was done, and I read him a half dozen short stories, then I turned his light out,

Freak out! Like, epic freak out.

Long story short, the lights in his room are hundred watt flourescent bulbs, four of them in recessed lighting. He wanted those on, despite a couple of night lights. Okay. He cried until Mom relieved me, read another story or two, then fell asleep and stayed asleep when she left.

So, it's now 11pm, and for the first time in almost a year, The Boy is sleeping by himself in a different (non-Grandma-snuggling) room. We figure that the over-under for him to come find us is 1am, which is fine. For me, I really need that post-bedtime adult time. I need that time to spend talking with my wife (not too much talking, because that seems to lead to more children, and 3 is fine for now), watching television, doing recording projects, learning music, playing some games... you know, doing stuff that is not child-related.

It's weird having this much room in the bed. I wonder if he'll wander down the hall into the bedroom or if he'll just sit in bed and scream?

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