Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Journey's End

Tuesday morning, we went to a restaurant called, "The Train Diner," which was exciting for The Boy because he could read the words in the restaurant's sign. Train is a word he's learned from Super Why. After breakfast, we got to the bris at 9:30 for a 10:00 start. No problem.

The bris, for those that don't know, is the ceremony in which a new baby boy is circumcised. It's a short ceremony, run by a mohel, who leads the praying and does the choppy-choppy. It's always done on the eighth day of life.

Of course, that 10:00 was 10:00 Newfoundland time, which meant a 10:30 start. That extra half hour was absolute disaster, as our boys started behaving like bored little boys: running around, jumping around, climbing on stuff, getting hungry when they saw the food... In short, our kids became "those kids." Sigh. Win some and lose some.

When the ceremony started, things became close to normal. Little Bear wandered around and tried to climb onto the bimah (altar for you goyim) numerous times, despite pleas of, "Little Bear, if you climb up there, they might go nuts and try to do yours again!" The Boy was his usual nice self, staying with The Wife all the way through the service.

The reception was quite nice, and the boys played with some of the half dozen other small children and we ate very tasty food. We left after a while, after I got my little baby fix and held the cute little man. Compared to my children, the new baby seems even smaller. Going from the 30-ish pounds of Little Bear to seven-ish pounds of new baby is startling!

The boys were quite good during the drive to Harrisburg. They slept for the first hour then were quite pleasant for the remainder of the drive. They were singing along with the songs, which was really cute! The Boy is actually starting to put words, notes, and rhythms together in almost-singing. He was even working on getting the clapping and spelling in the BINGO song! Little Bear isn't quite there yet, but he does do all the body and hand motions during the Wheels on the Bus song.

The Boy even told us that he had to go to the potty during the trip! We stopped at the next exit and went inside to use the potty. We got to Aunt M's in time for dinner, then the boys had an amazing time playing with Aunt M and Uncle B and cousins. I'm pleased and happy that The Boy is starting to play very nicely with other people, even playing some games!

We got up this morning and drove back to Pittsburgh by lunchtime. The boys were wonderfully well behaved during the trip, with good potty visits and good behavior in the car. We sang songs together. The Boy played with a memory game toy from Grandma for most of the trip, and Little Bear played with some books and listened to music.

All in all, it was a nice, simple, and easy trip. The best thing about being unemployed is that we can travel to see our friends during their good times. Seeing a bris - taking part in the introduction to the world of a friend's new baby - is something really, really special for us. Most of the time, we have these quick trips because of a funeral; it's nice to see friends during the other end of things.

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