Sunday, March 27, 2011

Little Bear

Today, I had a nice, big chunk of time to spend with Little Bear. It was really, really nice to spend it with him, because he's such a nice, sweet little man. He's growing up so quickly, and he's learning new skills and things every day.

I enjoy the fact that he takes more interest in the musical side of things. He loves poking his head into my quartet rehearsals and sitting on my lap while we sing our songs. He requests songs from us, will shake his head when we try to sing something different, and he will ask us to sing it again and again until he's gotten enough. He also does a nice job filling in words on familiar songs. Interestingly enough, today, he recognized the Elmo Song when I played it on the piano, and he asked for it by name a few minutes later.

When he's played outside the last couple of times, he's asked to go in the swing, where he's stayed for twenty to hurry minutes at a time. He gets mad when you take him out of it! He does do a great job of climbing the ladder, playing with the ship wheel and telescope, and sliding down the slide without any help. I'm proud of him for that. I remember wht it was like for The Boy at a similar age, and it's lightyears apart. The Boy couldn't get up the ladder without help at that point, and it was still difficult for him at 24 months. Little Bear does it at 20, and he does it without any problems.

Little Bear is starting to talk in two and three word sentences.

He'll ask, "Where's Mum?" and he'll say, "The Boy over there!" It's really quite cute. He's quite verbal, much moreso than his brother. I'm not sure if the cancer treatment has anything to do with it - I think it's just his personality. He likes the sound of his voice and he likes to talk.

The other fun thing about him is how he loves to wander from room to room, usually carrying a piece or two of food with him. Tonight, he carried a slice of orange in each hand as he went around the house. He goes into a room, reads a book, plays with a toy, tries to get into something he shouldn't, then moves on to the next room. It's kind of exhausting trying to keep up with him, but he always has a big smile.

Bedtime is fun with him, also. He loves stories, and he loves when you read to him. He likes to watch some Goodnight Moon on video before ed, and if he doesn't get his song, he won't sleep.

He's an interesting little boy, and I can't wait to get to know him better!

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