Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Parenting Fun

So, last night, The Wife was at a paid rehearsal, and I stayed home from my barbershop chorus to take care of the kids. Grandpa was out of town and Grandma is sick (nothing serious, Thank G-d). So, it was fun. Little Bear started rubbing his eyes and yawning at around 5:30, which meant that we were trying to keep him awake until at least 7:00, so that he would sleep past 5AM. The Boy, on the other hand, napped from about 4:00 until 5:45, so he was nice and awake during the time that he was supposed to be settling down for the night.

Did I mention that Little Bear was grumpy all evening, continually going for stuff that he knew he wasn't allowed to do? The Boy was slightly better, but not by much. They were as grumpy as I was.

The Boy started to settle down at 9:30, and he finally fell asleep around 10:00. Five minute later, as I was settling in to sleep, Little Bear woke up inconsolable. I brought him in bed with us, and he screamed louder. Brought him downstairs, and he started to calm a little bit. He wouldn't take water or a bite of a treat. (Didn't try juice. Should have gone right for the juice.)

It's still frustrating to me, the fact that I have such a hard time consoling that little boy. I know that we have a great relationship - he loves playing with me, he loves reading books with me, he takes baths for me, and he loves playing "peek a boo" with the shower door when I'm trying to get clean. He just doesn't like getting snuggled by me, particularly when he's upset.

This is strange, because I'm normally Mr. Baby Tranquilizer. Babies love me. More often than I can count, I've heard the words, "I've never seem him/her be so calm with anybody!" or "He never falls asleep on someone like that!" It's like clockwork, pretty much. Every baby I've been around loves snuggling with me, except for Little Bear.

Bis brother, obviously, has the opposite feeling. He doesn't like sleeping without me. (I understand the feeling.) I'm positive that the new baby will feel similarly. Little Bear? It's a problem, particularly if - say - The Wife is the one working next school year while I'm home with babies. It's hard to spend nights and days with a baby that doesn't see you as a source of comfort.

I figured that that would change as he grew and matured. It isn't. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm figuring to just deal with it, but it's not fun.

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Johanna S said...

I wish I had something insightful to say. We are on the same boat. My daughter loves her dad to pieces, loves playing with him, going out just them, you name it, but, come bedtime, it is all about me. It's hard. He would like to help because he likes to hold her, because he wants to give me a break, etc. But no such luck. If we have another baby, I wonder how it will be. I wonder if I should make a point of alternating who puts the new baby to bed. Then again, I don't even know that that would help. I remember you guys saying Little Bear has been this way from the beginning. You know he is securely attached to you, so maybe it is simply about his personality, not that that makes it any easier. Hope The Boy's schedule gets back on track easily. Winter break threw us for a loop! She kept taking late naps and then we were up until midnight. Not fun!