Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Progress Towards Goal

This week, Grandma is making some minor construction improvements in the house in preparation for the arrival of the new baby. In the upstairs "Sun Room" (the room that is most sun-facing in the house, which is basically all windows that don't open but create a wonderful atmosphere), we're going to fence off half the place, build a bed / armoire thing, a bench around the windowed area, a new drop ceiling, and a wall. This will create a new little room, suitable for: The Boy! We're actually going to try to give The Boy his own room, and he's starting to get excited about it.

He excitedly showed me the construction drawing, saying, "That's going to be The Boy's new bed, Daddy! This is for The Boy's room!" Granted, there's a big step in between getting excited about the concept of something and him actually sleeping in his own bed for any length of time. However, this is what we call "Progress Towards Goal," which means that this is the first time that he's been excited about having his own bed since... well... forever.

I wonder how much of his refusal to sleep by himself has to do with his natural needs, my natural needs, or the negative memories created by our forcing him to use his own bed earlier? We don't force the boys into making choices - we try to mold the environment so that they gravitate naturally towards the positive choice. This has dramatic downfalls at times, but it seems to create happier, more motivated children - at least in our classrooms. Still, our kids are nice, and they're smart, and the behave like any other kids their age, so I don't think we're ruining them yet.

I do love little boy snuggles. I love when The Boy sticks his thumb in his mouth, looks up at me, snuggles in, smiles a bit, then closes his eyes and goes to sleep. It's a nice feeling. I'm not eager to lose that. But, I wouldn't mind getting through a night only getting kicked by my wife instead of by my wife and at least one son. (We had two boys in bed the other night, which is also good but makes space at a premium.)

I know it's only a short period that they get to be our babies. I just have every intention of enjoying it as much as possible. I mean, we've fought for this...

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