Tuesday, March 15, 2011

School Daze

Today was one of those interesting days where you're not sure why, but the day seems to have been a crappy one. It started out well, with a nice family breakfast and an uneventful dressing of children. It went downhill from there, with both children throwing stereo fits while we packed them in the car to take The Boy to school.

The school is a nice place. It's in a reform temple, in a huge campus in Oakland. The classroom is a typical sort of toddler room: a reading rug in the corner, a train table, Legos, some tables for eating lunch and doing art projects, and teeny little potties in a side room. Outside in the hallway are the little cubbies for hanging jackets. Each kid has a picture or pictures hanging there. There's also a plastic case for holding pencils and pens and such on the top of the cubby.

The Boy had no problems staying at school when we left, even though Little Bear wanted to stay. The Boy's teachers remarked that Little Bear would have absolutely no problems staying at school for a couple of hours!

The Wife dropped me off at home, and she took the little one to the store. I took about two hours to clean off the top of my dresser and shoe cabinet. I smoothly transitioned into organizing six months's worth of personal papers.

The biggest deals are the hospital papers. There's two different insurances, the doctor's bills, the hospital bills, the emergency room doctor's bills, assorted other bills, assorted other medical test results. I'm not looking forward to getting those in order, as well as resuming the good fight with stupid and undertrained billing workers. The Wife has been handling that lately, but it's my turn.

Anyway, we went to pick up The Boy from school at the appointed time. We fed the boys lunch, and we tried to settle down for naps. It was with mixed results, and I eventually gave up to go get my fingerprints in order for teaching and taught a lesson.

Putting the boys to bed was more difficult than it should have been. Bottom line, Little Bear decided to stay up later than his big brother, and it made bedtime a little more interesting. That's never a good time,

It's hard to figure out why today felt like an overall negative. The Wife was tired and a little stressed out today, which probably didn't help. I accomplished a little bit of stuff off of my to do list, but not enough for me to actually make a difference. Still, progress towards goal and all that.

We'll see. Tomorrow, I'm spending a chunk of the day helping fix up The Boy's new room. It should be interesting.

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Logical Mommy said...

It's the Ides of March--what more needs to be said? Tomorrow will be better.