Thursday, March 31, 2011

Super Boy!

Grandma left a neat little towel that had the letters of the aleph-bet on it, arranged like a seeing eye chart. She figured, correctly, that he would like seeing the letters that he loves. However, an interesting thing happened when he found the towel: "This is my superhero cape!" he announced.

The Boy might be somewhat familiar with super heroes. Besides my comic book obsession and the fact that he's dragged to the comic book store every week with me, he's also had numerous cardboard books with superheroes on it. He's watched a large number of hours of superhero shows, such as the "Batman: the Brave and the Bold" cartoon and the "Super Hero Squad" cartoon, among others. So, The Boy knows his heroes. He's also loved an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, where Goofy puts on a towel-cape and decides that he's Super Goof! The gang helps Goofy show off his powers in various ways.

So, yesterday, like Super Goof, he spent about two hours showing off his super hero cape and flying to the rescue. He decided that he had three super powers: he can fly, he can run really fast, and he's super strong. I helped him "fly" around the house, and he can already run pretty fast for a dude with stubby little legs. He lifted various things above his head, like his beanbag chair and a bucket full of little toys, to show his super strength. And, first thing this morning, he tracked down his cape and wanted to bring it to school.

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There's few things more adorable than a little boy with his hand stretched out in front of him "flying" around the house. It's such a wonderful, normal, fun thing for a little person to pretend. Plus, it's important for the development of imagination (something that might be a priority in the Musical household) for him to start pretending and role playing.

It's been an interesting couple of weeks for him, because I really think that he's hit another level, developmentally. His speech has become clearer and more full: his sentences are beginning to parse correctly, and he's filling in all of the words instead of leaving off part of the sentence. He's responding to requests more fully, and he can follow multi-part directions quite well without further prompting. (Example: "The Boy, will you pick this up, take this into the kitchen, and put it in the sink, please?") He won't necessarily do it, but he's capable of it. He's also been eating like a horse lately, which is likely the precursor to a growth spurt.

Or he's just really liked dinners lately. Either or.

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