Saturday, March 12, 2011


This is not about my children, so feel free to go to the next or prior entry. The last one was about how funny The Boy is, and the next one will be tomorrow after going ice skating with him,

I'm watching some recorded stuff from my TiVo right now, and I'm stunned at the sudden realization that I just don't give a crap about most of it. I'm watching a handful of shows that have run in the last couple of weeks: Fringe, Chuck, Smallville, Tosh.0, and Young Justice. These are all shows that I usually really enjoy, and yet I have had no motivation to watch them over the past couple of weeks.

The hard bit is figuring out why I feel this way. The recent ones might be because I bought an iPad yesterday, and I'm considerably more interested in playing with it than I am doing anything else. Some of it is the fact that, by the time that I help get The Boy to bed, I'm exhausted and ready to sleep. Some of it is due to the fact that the networks have been moving around the shows and skipping weeks, breaking me entirely out of the momentum of watching the television shows.

I understand that, for the most part, appointment television is dead. When I was watching the last season of Lost, I made time to watch it live. When we watched Battlestar Galactica, we made time on Friday nights to watch it live. Nothing since, really. And, when there just seems to be better things to do, it's really hard to sit down for forty-five minutes and watching a show that isn't interesting enough to begin with.

Chuck has been disappointing this season - crossed the line from campy fun to just campy. Fringe has been great, as usual; I'm just no investing in it because it's now in Fox's death slot on Friday nights and will likely be gone fter this year. I watch a lot of Tosh, and I'll usually watch the cartoons (Young Justice, Clone Wars) because I can have them on while the kids are playing in the room. But, for the first time in a while, I'm noir wtching the Simpsons or Family Guy, and it took me nearly two months to watch the last couple of episode of South Park, one of my favorites.

It's priorities, I guess. I've been spending so much time at work, with the boys, and doing lessons and barbershop stuff. Watching television has not been a high priority. Neither had blogging, really, but the iPad makes it a lot more palatable. I've been trying to do more reading lately, and I've been trying to actually talk with my wife for a little while on a regular basis. Sigh.

What do you guys no longer do, that you used to be near-obsessive about?

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Bill said...

Well, I stopped following my brother's blog. :-)

Seriously, I feel that way about a lot of comic books I get. It used to be that I'd sit down when I got home and read them all. Now, when I get them home, they might even sit in the bag for a day or 2 before I start reading them.

TV - there's a bunch of shows that I really like - Justified, Amazing Race, Breaking Bad, Modern Family, HIMYM, Parenthood, Survivor. But where I used to have 2-3 hours a night, I have less - even times to watch a couple of movies each week.

Maybe the world is just more boring... Infinity Blade is pretty fun, though...

Aaron said...

I find myself with a handful of shows that I really enjoy and watch live, and a bunch that I just watch when I'm trying to pass the time between other things I find more interesting. The Mentalist makes my Live list, as does Castle. Fringe and Supernatural are still entertaining, but nowhere near as good as they were a year or two ago; same for House. Chuck and Smallville I'm watching entirely out of momentum, not for any real interest.

So instead, what I've been doing is finding good shows, downloading them via bittorrent and making up for lost time. Bones is entertaining, and there are a couple of fantastic BBC shows that you should check out if you haven't: Sherlock, Luther and Spooks (known in the states as MI-5). Sometimes the answer to lousy TV is to find old stuff that's worth blitzing.

Also, they just started airing the remainder of Stargate Universe, which fills the void left by having finally finished watching the unaired eps of Caprica a week or two ago.