Monday, March 28, 2011

Travel Along, Singing a Song

Today was spent driving from Pittsburgh to my father's house in New Jersey. Tomorrow morning is the bris for a great friend's first baby, Ad we are attending. I mean, why not? It's not like we have to take off from work.


Anyway, we loaded up the car last night, got up nice and early, had breakfast at home, then left. The first chunk of the car trip was really quite nice. We played the end of the album by the group Max Q, called "For the Children." The end has a great bit with a medley of songs that we all know: "Sing a Song," "The Alphabet Song," and "Itsy Bitsy Spider," among others. The Boy sung along with all of the songs, even trying to get the timing and spelling in BINGO correct. Little Bear tried to keep up, as well, getting some of the clapping and stomping done with enthusiasm if not accuracy.

Long story short, through Harrisburg, we made it without any issues. No irritation, no arguing, just fun singing along with the music, listening to the stories, taking quick naps, and having a very nice snack. Harrisburg was a great rest stop - Aunt M had a delicious lunch waiting for us, and the boys were so excited to see her! The Boy was positively bouncing up and down to see her, which is so nice to see.

The rest of the trip to NJ was... difficult. Not horrendously so, just trying and difficult. The boys were fighting constantly, and they wouldn't allow themselves to be pacified. None of us were particularly comfortable in the car, particularly the boys trapped in car seats and The Wife six months pregnant.

Getting the boys to bed was also a challenge. The Boy went down watching Batman on the iPad, but Little Bear wasn't having any of it. He outlasted The Boy by a fair chunk, and he's outgrown the cripple in which he's sleeping. We're fairly sure he's going to vault out of it at some point tonight. Sigh.

The rest of the night was wonderful. Uncle B stopped by for dinner and a visit, as did my brother and his family. The boys got lots of wonderful attention and got to show off how much they grown since January, when they saw them last. It's always interesting when we bring The Boy around people who haven't seen him much since his remission started. There's such a stark difference, both in his physical activity level and in his mental development.

He is sleeping in his own bed, though likely not for long.

Best statement of the night came from Uncle B: "Congratulations, Musical Daddy. You've gotten what you've always wanted: normal boys."

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