Friday, April 8, 2011

Little Devil

Yesterday, neither one of us worked because I had tickets to opening day at PNC Park, to see the Pirates play the Rockies. So, we all got up at the usual time on a school day for The Boy - 7:15 or so. The Boy had snuck in to bed with us at sometime around 2:00, which is a nice and unexpected change from the fit that he'd throw at the start of the sleeping-on-his-own experience. The Wife got up and took care of Little Bear, and I got up to get dressed before I took care of The Boy.

"No, Daddy! Don't get up! You need to stay right here!" he said to me, patting the bed next to him. I snuggled him for another couple of moments, then got up to do my thing. He flipped out in an epic manner. I mean, hysterical crying, throwing things at us and down the stairs, pushing his brother... the whole nine yards. The Wife handed me Little Bear to take downstairs, and things got worse. The Boy started whacking her - the whole hitting habit that he's seemed to pick up over the last couple of weeks.

The hitting thing is a little concerning, because it's the second bad habit that he's picked up from school. (The first was the phrase, "No, Little Bear! Don't talk to me! Don't talk to The Boy!") When I spoke to the teachers, they acknowledged that it's a common problem and something that they don't make a big deal. The more attention you pay to it, the more it occurs. We usually walk out of the room when The Boy starts hitting someone, and that usually stops it quickly enough.

Anyway, we finally got him off to school, and I left for the baseball game after a quick trip to CostCo. When he got home, he was still grouchy and out of sorts. He complained of a headache and asked for some Tylenol. When The Wife took his temperature, he had a low grade fever.

That pretty much explains most of his grumpy behavior from the morning. Isn't it interesting how much our health impacts our mood? He wasn't feeling well, and his brain interpreted that feeling as grumpiness. That's a radical change of his personality based on a cold! He's normally such a sweet boy, and that behavior yesterday morning was such an outlier that, really, this was the only cause.

Gosh - imagine what it would be like if he had to go through his treatment now, when he understands that it isn't normal to feel like crap?

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