Sunday, April 10, 2011

Waiting for Godot

As I'm waiting for Roxio to finish updating and therefore stop crashing my computer and every other program that I'm running... Of course, it's not working, so now it's time to uninstall and reinstall. Sigh.

We had a very nice day today. We went to two different parks with the boys, sandwiched around nap time. The weather got up to 82 degrees today, which was the first time that we got over, like, 50 degrees in the past week or so.

It's interesting to watch the boys play in the park right now. They are physically different from where they were in November, which was the last time that we went to Blue Slide Park, but they don't quite realize that they've changed. They approach the park, right now, like they did last time, although they're starting to figure it out.

The Boy is doing a lot more climbing of things, that he wouldn't do last year. He's climbing up ladders and things like that, which include interesting shaped climbers. Tonight, at the second park, he climbed up a curved ladder about twenty or twenty-five times to go down the twisty slide - truth be told. I'd bet that he was doing it just to climb the ladder. It was not long ago that that sort of climbing was impossible for him, much less something that he's attempting without me standing underneath him! He actually got mad at me for trying to help him once.

He is also starting to socialize quite easily, even if the other kids aren't quite getting him. The Boy walks up to random people and says, "Hi!" He doesn't quite seem to understand or to care if a child is too old to want to play with him or too young to be able to effectively communicate; he says hi and tries his hardest to play a game with them. He'll chase them or be chased by them, try to climb alongside, or go down slides with them. It's really quite cute and quite sweet, and I hope and pray that he continues to meet nice kids. I don't want him to become anything less than the nice, cute boy he is, at least until he has to become something else.

Isn't it amazing, how quickly I go to that place? I guess I've been so used to hearing stories of bullying, to seeing children being cruel and hateful to each other, that I assume it as early as possible. I know that I had a fairly easy time growing up. I was bigger than most kids, so I wasn't often a target of bullies. My wife had a tougher time, because she was a target at one of her schools before finding an easier home elsewhere. Neither one of us wants to see our kids go through some of the thing that we've both lived through. I mean, we're already afraid that he's going to be the weird kid with the hearing aids, and we want to avoid as much extra as possible.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun at the park, and The Boy made some friends with whom he played. Still no luck getting Roxio off my machine so that I can reinstall it, and it's now having the fun of causing my machine to almost entirely crash. Sigh.

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