Sunday, May 8, 2011

All Things Considered

All things considered, it's been a pretty darn nice day today. Last night was pretty rough on us: The Boy took a fever-nap from 6 to 8:30pm, which meant that he was up really, really late - as in, we were doing stories (for a third time) at 12:30am. I finished getting him to bed around 1, got settled, took my nighty-night medicine (a Benedryl at night dries me out and doesn't let my allergies back up my breathing and vocal mechanism too much, and it has the beneficial side effect of helping me go to sleep), and climbed into bed. Thirty minutes later, Little Bear was awake and requiring attention.

He wanted to snuggle with Mom and Daddy, except that he didn't go to sleep. He just lay there, tossing and turning and kicking. We tried several times to get him to get back to sleep, and finally, around 4am, he did. The Boy joined us in our bed soon after, but we didn't notice because we had passed out cold.

The original intention was for me to take the boys out to breakfast for Mother's Day, with Grandpa's help, thus allowing Mum to get another hour or so of sleep and relaxation. We're not too big on the whole breakfast in bed thing around here. Nope. We were all up at 7:30, and nobody was really awake and all were grumpy, so Grandpa went out for bagels and we had breakfast at home. Mum went shopping while I chased boys around, and then she played with them while I did the first significant yard work of the year.

The Boy had another nap late, which is why he's just getting to bed slightly before 11. I'm kind of chalking it up to the 100-plus degree fever that he's sporting, which didn't stop him from spending a couple of hours outside today. I figured that the outside air was going to do him as much good as sitting inside and watching television, and I think I figured correctly. If he not feeling better physically, he's in a much better place emotionally and mentally.

Plus, I got out the baseball tee and plastic golf clubs, and we had a grand time with them. Even Little Bear got involved with the fun - he might turn out to be a bit of a mashed from the left side. I think I'm going to try to teach him to switch hit.

The rest of Mother's Day was nice. The Boy had some nice projects for his mother from school - it is nice that Mother's Day falls at the end of the school year, so that the kids can do nice things for Mum. He made some handprints on construction paper, and the teachers pasted a little poem next to them. He also helped decorate one of those foam frames, and they printed out a picture of The Boy holding a "Happy Mother's Day" sign. Plus, I had the boys sign a card in their own way: Little Bear with lots of scribbles, and The Boy wrote his name. He wanted to write "I love Dad" on the card and wouldn't be dissuaded; I got him to write some of it and was creative with the rest.

This year was my first Mother's day without my mom and my grandmother. My grandmother had pretty much been gone for a few years, but she officially passed away a couple of months ago. My mom's been gone for a decade now (gosh, how time flies). It's bittersweet, but with luck, my boys won't know that feeling for a long, long time.

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