Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day of Number Two

Surprisingly, The Boy actually slept fairly well Sunday night, all things considered. We didn't put him in his own bed; we know how much more comfortable he is with us, so we figured the extra comfort was more important that the routine. He had a couple of pain-related wakings, but nothing too awful like I was expecting.

It's funny, watching The Boy subject himself to medical procedures. I mean, even when they were administering the enema (not comfortable under the best of circumstances), he still didn't buck too much. During the x-rays and ultrasounds, which he really doesn't like, doesn't understand, and is terrified of, he cries and complains but stays absolutely still. The look of "OmG WTF" during the DRE (not going to define; look it up) made me laugh despite the circumstances. I feel your pain, boy.

The next day was interesting. We gave him the laxative with soy milk and chocolate sauce, which he thought was a real treat. Cutting a long story short, he took the laxative at 8am and didn't poop until almost 10 at night. He held it in all day, despite the pain and discomfort, because he's been associating the potty with pain for a day or two. He doesn't understand the whole "once you go, you'll feel better" thing; he just knows the pain that going has given him. He wouldn't even go pee willingly, and we haven't had that fight in a long time.

We had our regularly scheduled appointment with oncology yesterday, right in the middle of this whole thing. We had asked, during the ER visit, if they could combine the x-ray and ultrasound they were going To take with the x-ray and ultrasound that oncology wanted the next day - our kid has gotten enough radiation, why do we need to add more? The message eventually got relayed to Dr. Graves as, "The Boy's parents think this is a relapse."


Don't get me wrong - every sniffle, every runny nose, anything causes the thought to flit through our minds. But, relapses don't work like that. It is not going to express itself as constipation. What we were concerned about was intestinal blockage, which is a possible long-term result of both the radiation and the multiple surgeries. As it turns out, that's expressed by vomiting, which The Boy wasn't doing.

So, yesterday was back to a snuggly and inactive The Boy for a day. All he wanted to do was cuddle and watch television, which I'm okay with. The Wife and I switched off as much as we could so that Little Bear got lots of individual time.

(Picture: post-bathtime, Little Bear reads himself a book ("I Do it!!!") while The Boy reads "The Cat in the Hat" on Grandma's iPad.)

Incidentally, Little Bear is doing wonderfully with his new bed. He still fussed a little bit, but he's adjusting quite well. He will get up and play a couple of times during the night, but he will then put himself back to bed. Iterestingly enough - Aunt C put him to bed in the bigger trundle bed on Saturday night, which we thought was less than good because he fell out at 1am. Yesterday, he was put down for his nap in the toddler bed and moved himself to the big bed! Very cute.

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Johanna S said...

I love how one of your tags is 'poop'! You know you are a parent when ...! I hope he feels better soon. And I really hope he is not hurting when he goes. Ouch. You really do become afraid to go; it's not a 3-year-old thing! I'll stop there; enough poop talk from me!