Thursday, May 19, 2011


Next week, The Wife has an interview for a string position in a district southeast of town. It's an interesting potential position, as she's done a lot in that district this year to make herself known and to earn herself an interview. We are interested to see how it turns out, for some of the normal obvious reasons - we'd love to be able to, say, move out into our own place at some point in the reasonably near future (say, within five years).

We are wondering what the reaction is going to be when she walks into the room. It isn't often that an extremely pregnant woman walks into a teaching interview. More often nowadays, I'd wager, but still not that often. We will tell them that, if she gets the job, I'll be staying home with the babies. I wonder how much an interview panel will believe it, subconsciously.

It's one of those interesting societal standards: women stay at home, men go to work. Men don't stay at home willingly, and women don't leave their children willingly. Men don't know about babies and can't possibly be as good as a woman when it comes to caring for babies. If a man would stay at home with the babies, then there must be something wrong with him or her.

That's something that still pops up when dealing with our parents. My father has taken years to get used to the fact that I know my sons as well as I do, although the cancer treatments accelerated the process. Grandma still has some issues with my child-care abilities. It's mostly a generational thing, but it still sneaks into conversations.

We are certainly afraid of how it will factor into the decision. I'm positive that it won't be a conscious factor by any person there, but how will that factor into the emotions of the decision? Interviewers are people, of course, and people are emotional. If they have to choose between a non-pregnant person and a pregnant person, then will that be the overriding factor?

I know she's the most qualified for the job. She's amazing. I wonder if shell get the chance.

Cute picture of a sleeping Little Bear, who actually fell asleep snuggling with me this morning:

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