Friday, May 6, 2011

The Great Leap Forward

So, this week, we've managed to get into Little Bear's bedroom to find him with two feet over the crib rails, holding onto another side, with his bum hanging down into the crib. This is not a place that one wants to find one's less-than-two-year-old, so we made the decision to maneuver the little one into the next phase of sleep: his own bed.

Now, the decision that we had, which was a big one: toddler bed, in the same place that the crib was (which uses the crib mattress and sheets), or the bottom part of the trundle bed?

Toddler bed: pros: same size sleeping area; partially walled off, which might minimize falling out of bed (editor's note: nope. He's fallen twice already. It just helps it hurt less); small footprint in the room; easy to climb inside. Cons: easy to climb out; will eventually need the mattress for his younger brother, necessitating another adjustment.

Trundle bed bottom: pros: bigger sleeping area, allowing for someore movement; the mattress dips slightly under the walls, giving some rollout protection around the entire bed; easy to climb inside. Cons: huge footprint in the room, easy to climb inside, but can still roll out fairly easily.

We went with the toddler bed, under the hope that he would adjust to the new bed with the same mattress right now and adjust to the trundle bed later (if we haven't, like, moved out by then. But, that's a couple years down the line). He had a rough time falling asleep and, for the first time, wanted one of us to sit with him for a long time. Interestingly enough, he wanted me instead of Mum, at least for the first hour. He also was a lot more comfortable when there was music playing in the room; we found an old iPod Nano that was my sister-in-law's, and we're going to claim it in the name of the revolution and use it for bedtime. The Wife has now been asleep for a half hour, but I'm staying up to watch the end of the Yankees game and then watch last week's Fringe.

To tide you over, here's a cute picture of the boys holding hands while walking up the stairs today:

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