Sunday, May 1, 2011

Guilt By Association

So, The Boy is enjoying his chalk time outside, just like he usually does: he hands people chalk and requests that they draw him specific things. Letters, numbers, people, characters from television and movies...all fair game to his imagination and somebody else's drawing ability. He's really quite bossy when we're all outside to play, but that's kind of to be expected. He is an oldest brother, after all, and they tend to be the bossiest of all. (Yes, I'm looking at you, Biggest Brother.)

This year, he's been asking people to draw pictures of the family: Mum, Daddy, The Boy, Little Bear, Grandma, and Grandpa. He requests certain details - long hair on Mum, curly hair on Little Bear, no hair on Daddy ("He's got a bald head!"), that sort of thing. The new thing, from yesterday? "Grandpa, you draw a rectangle next to Grandma and a rectangle next to Daddy." "Why rectangles?" "That's for Grandma's iPad and Daddy's iPad!"

It's amazing how quickly things like that get related to a person. I probably have my iPad - my newest toy - with me a little too much, but it's so darn useful: story books, reading books, baseball games (important), letter games, tv shows, movies, and lots of media and work stuff for me. Heck, my audition piece for this morning's audition is on my iBooks! I obviously don't take it outside to play (unless I'm going to take some video) or have it when I'm wrestling with the kids, but I do use it in multiple other places.

Other interesting notes: Little Bear knows all 26 letters, upper and lower case, quickly and easily. He also knows many of the letter sounds, thanks to his big brother and the Leapfrog "The Letter Factory" movie, picked up at a thrift shop for $1. The Boy runs around the house singing, "The A says ah the A says ah, every letter makes a sound, the A says ah!", and continuing on down the alphabet. It's really entertaining, particularly when The Boy starts the song and lets his brother say the letter sound in the appropriate place.

Lastly, wish me some luck. I've got an audition this morning for a church job, and it pays enough to be quite a lifestyle shift for us. It's not a full time job, by any stretch, but each month of singing pays more than a week's worth of subbing, for work that's lots more fun and rewarding and fits into our schedule even if/when we get full time jobs.

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Bill said...

I am not bossy. Now shut up and post more pictures.