Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Poopy Evening

So, remember that constant pain and constipation that The Boy had yesterday? It was worse today. So bad, as a matter of fact, that The Wife finally called the pediatrician for a third time. The pediatrician sent us to the emergency room, which makes the first non-cancer emergency room trip for The Boy in quite some time.

Making a long story short, they did the requisite ultrasound and x-ray to see what was going on in there. The x-ray techs never diagnose constipation, but they pointed out the huge blockage of poop in his midsection. Best part of the evening? The enema.

Without getting too graphic, you get two fluids up there to loosen stuff up. Both fluids are supposed to be held in the body for fifteen or twenty minutes before being let out. The Boy held the first fluid for ten minutes and the second for three, which is not a good thing. It loosened stuff up, but not in the manner or quantity that we needed. He's been pooping little wet chunks constantly for over two hours now, and the pain does not seem to have subsided an appreciable amount.

Which kind of leads to an interesting point: how do you figure out from a child their discomfort and/or improvement? The Boy doesn't quite have the tools to be able to say that he feels 75% or 50% or any kind of comparative measure. The sad thing is, you really can't tell except by reading his expression, body language, behavior, et al. I think his belly is feeling a little bit better, but I might just be projecting my hopes and needs onto him.

We are home with a prescription for a strong laxative for three days and a weaker one for a month or so afterwards. The Wife is watching him for an hour or two while I rest for a bit, then I'll take the first half of the night shift while she sleeps. This is going to be a messy, smelly, lack of sleep night. The poor kid is exhausted, and I hope that the poop slows down enough for him to sleep for a couple of hours,

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