Saturday, May 14, 2011

Singin' In The Rain

Surprise, surprise, Western Pennsylvania! It rained today!

For those not in this general area, this has been an exceptionally rainy season. In my somewhat educated opinion, this spring has not been spring but Rainy Season. Monsoon Season might be a tad more like it, but I don't want to be accused of being dramatic.

So, we were supposedly stuck inside the house all day today, while we waited for Mum and the family to return from Aunt W's graduation from law school. The boys were grousing and grumping at each other and me, and we were just bored out of our minds. Since we had to do entire wardrobe changes in order to go out to dinner, I made the executive decision to test out The Boy's rain boots in the actual rain. (editor's note: he's sleeping in the boots again tonight. Third night in a row.)

Good decision. They ran around like little Tasmanian devils for an hour, then got changed like good little boys, sat still for a whole five mnutes at the restaurant, and came home and pretty much went right to bed without making any fuss. Really - no fuss at all. The restaurant bit is not quite true; The Boy sat still and ate about a pound of spaghetti and a slice or two of pizza. I think he really must be growing, with the amount he's been eating over the past couple of days!

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Best part of the whole thing? The boys had nasty bed head from their naps. The rain slicked it down, and I didn't have to do anything. I also remembered to take the hearing aids out before they went outside. That's what we call progress towards goal!

In other news, I've finally made positive movement towards writing my book. It's going to be the story of The Boy and his struggle with cancer, and how it affected my nuclear family, my extended families, our careers, and our friends. I kind of figure that I've written about 75% of it here in the blog, with the rest being organizing my thoughts, editing myself, adding in The Wife's observations and corrections, and other information that I consider to be relevant.

I think I'm going to organize it in broad sections, with each section being something important. Section 1: the diagnosis and first surgery. Section 2: the first chemotherapy regimen, until the diagnosis of the relapse and/or second surgery, at CHoP. Section 3: CHoP and the start of relapse therapy. Section 4: the start of the second chemotherapy regimen. Sectio 5: the bad hospitalizations up to the birth of Little Bear. Etc.

I have the sections loosely sketched in my head, but I won't really know what they'll be like until I organize the notes. I have four years' worth of blog entries in PDF form on my iPad, along with Pages, and I'm making brief descriptions of each day from January, 2008, forward. When that's done, I'll officially categorize and reorganize.

Just think: you're getting the book in serial form, for free, right now. I don't know what kind of market the book might have, but I'm pretty stoked about actually getting the project underway.

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