Saturday, May 28, 2011

Swimming Pool Is Open!!!

Today, the boys woke up grumpy and sniffly and runny nosed. The cold that is flowing around the house is running its course slowly and surely, and nobody is feeling particularly well. We kind of grumped around all morning, doing nothing in specific. Nap time could not come too early; neither boy slept particularly well last night, so they were both able to nap relatively easily.

Nap is kind of relative; we put Little Bear in his room and closed the door. He spent about an hour roaming around his room, playing with various toys and books and such before deciding to lie down and sleep. Now that he's in his toddler bed and not locked into his crib, he feels the need to wander around the room for a time after he goes to sleep.

After nap time, I got The Boy ready to go to the Family Park at the JCC. Little Bear woke up slowly, poorly, and with great difficulty, so we thought it might be prudent to leave him and Mom at home. So, we had a nice snack, I gathered up our things, and Mom then decided to bring Little Bear with us. The four of us got into the car and left. We stopped at the local Family Dollar to pick up some new pool toys because our old toys from last year didn't survive the winter.

The pool visit was a huge success, blowing our expectations away! We got to the baby pool area, which is nicely gated in to prevent the Wandering Jews from getting too far away from us. Little Bear was in the water, sandals and all, before we even got our stuff on the ground! There were a half dozen other kids in the pool when we got there, and they all loved playing with our toys. We had the coolest stuff: a SpiderMan and Lightning McQueen bucket, two soft squeeze balls, and a big beach ball.

The boys really loved the water. Last summer, Little Bear was just too small to deal with the water. This summer, he's able to climb into and out of the pool by himself and walk through the middle of the water. It's pretty awesome to watch! The Boy is more able to handle the water, and he even walked under a couple of the sprinkler things without any help! They played with the buckets and the balls and spent some time jumping in the water from the side of the little pool.

The other kids really loved playing with me, as I became a target for bucket dumping and jumping upon. The boys played with them as well, but not quite as much as they played with me. Little Bear played with one of the girls for quite some time.

When we got home, it was quite the struggle to get Little Bear to bed. He really felt awful and exhausted, and things kept conspiring to wake him: talking in the hallway, his brother banging cans in the hallway, police sirens, etc. He actually feel asleep while I rubbed his back, which is the first time that's ever happened! The Boy fell asleep quite easily after two stories: The Lorax and One Fish Two Fish, both read by the iPad by is choice. Sigh. Replaced by my own electronics.

All right. I'm going to sleep. Long day tomorrow: singing job in the afternoon.

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