Saturday, June 25, 2011


Three years ago, today, we ran through a complete battery of tests which culminated in a diagnosis of bilateral Wilms tumor. This diagnosis changed our life utterly and complete and permanently: our residence, our careers, our lives, our friendships, our families were all irrevocably altered.

At this point, I'm doing my best to keep looking at the positive things. Yes, the move was hard, but we a living in a much saner environment with lots of help and love for our little ones. The Boy has received excellent medical care here in Pittsburgh, and he is happier and healthier than we have any right to expect. Little Bear is so happy, healthy, and smart, as well.

I miss my chorus and my church friends, but I've got two new choruses out here and am making new friends. My career is not progressing as we would like, but I know that things will turn eventually.

I'm still working on compiling the blog entries, and I'm at the start of The Boy's worst time in treatment. It is sobering to relive those events but also somewhat cathartic: it shows how far we fell and how far we have subsequently risen. Thank G-d for the experiences we have had, because it brings us forward into our brighter future.

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