Thursday, June 23, 2011


Bedtime is starting to get a little bit easier. The boys are adjusting into their schedules, and they are mostly putting forth token resistance instead of the determined defensive front that we faced in earlier times.

Little Bear is starting to go back to crib-type sleeping days. When it's bedtime, we might watch a little bit of Goodnight Moon or Winnie the Pooh to calm down, then we go into his room for a story or two. He likes the "Sleep Tight, Elmo" pillow book and Tubby the Tuba. He might want a song or two, then hugs and kisses and leave the room. He might cry for a minute or two, but he usually settles down pretty quickly. We close his door and put the gate in front of the door.

The Boy is still a little more complex, but even he is starting to settle down. At bedtime, we do potty and teeth, then put on his night diaper and pajamas. We will usually do between one and three stories; we've been doing only one or two lately because he has been gaming the system and picking the longer stories. Afterwards, we kiss him goodnight and leave the room. He complains, but he usually settles down quickly,

The tricky bit is the potty visits, of which there are many. Last night, for instance, he was up for potty visits at midnight, one, three, five, and six. While it's nice to prepare ourselves for having a newborn, it is a little bit frustrating. I might be a little less frustrated if he could get his night diapers on and off without help, but he can't quite handle it yet. We've tried a cotton night diaper that he could get on easily enough, but it swelled with liquid during the night and became too difficult.

A friend suggested to wake him up around midnight to use the potty, but we aren't quite there yet. He doesn't go back to sleep easily enough. That is an option, however, and might be done once the baby comes next month. We will have to see.

Little Bear's birthday party is Sunday afternoon, which will be fun. We have begun the cleaning and straightening process around the house and on the yard, and I'll finish the yard tomorrow after I finish my temp marketing job at 10 or 11. Wish us luck.

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