Monday, June 13, 2011

Big Day Tomorrow

Little Bear starts preschool tomorrow! I'm absolutely fascinated by the whole thing: this is the first time that he's been away from the two of us (or Grandma) for that long of a time. Not to mention, it's difficult to imagine my free-spirited son as part of a classroom environment. He's a real wanderer, and it'll be interesting to see him as part of a class.

I know that he'll be fine as he grows accustomed to the process. He's very, very smart, and he enjoys being around other kids (for the most part). He's also pretty good about being gentle and sharing, which can be very much unlike his behavior with his brother (very rough and tumble). Today, we went to the JCC to play in the playroom for an hour or so, and there were two other children there. One was about two months younger than Little Bear (albeit two thirds his size), and the other was a year younger. The little one decided that he really liked Little Bear, and he followed LB around the room and wanted to play with the toys that Little Bear liked. Little Bear was very, very cautious around the little baby and very generous with his toys. He was also smart - after a little while, he started distracting the baby by giving him other toys and books. It was cute. The Boy does that all the time with LB, and I guess he figured that out from dealing with his brother.

Still, it's a big adjustment. Thanks to Grandma for footing the bill for preschool for him. It'll be a neat experience, I'm certain.

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