Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Day

Little Bear started school today, and early indications are good. He is in the "little" classroom, so called because of the extra small size of furniture and not the size of the room itself. It also has fewer little potties and more room for diaper changes. The workers - one teacher and a couple of teenagers who are assistants - had no problems with using the cloth diapers, which was nice. We dropped him off and gave him hugs and kisses, which he didn't notice because he was too busy playing with the toys in the room.

It's interesting to see and a pleasure to note that our children don't seem to have any separation anxiety. I'm choosing to interpret that as confirmation that our efforts to raise confident, secure children are successful to date. Little Bear was quite happy to see us at the end of the day, which was nice. He asked up for hugs from me and leapt into Mom's arms and snuggled deep into her neck to say hello. Granted, thirty seconds later, he was back on the floor and playing, but that's just Little Bear.

The Boy is in a different room during the school day, but they eat lunch in the same room. Lunch for Little Bear is not "standard," but we paid for the lunch in school so that we didn't have to pick one child up at 11:30 and the other one up at 12:30 - doable, considering that we live a couple of miles from the temple, but incredibly annoying, particularly on days when no one is home to watch Little Bear and we have to drag him back into the car to pick up his brother. So, we avoided that and have him eating lunch at school. The boys sat together today at the table, which they seemed to enjoy. We've been told that they are both good eaters, and they seem more concerned with eating their lunch than with figuring out what everybody else is eating.

What did he do today? Well, he made a painting for father's day that I haven't seen yet. He played lots of games, played outside, and played with lots of toys. He did a nice job, apparently, of playing with the other kids and with the teachers.

Early success is nice. He is almost two, so I'm expecting some difficult days, but it is nice to see that he is having fun in the early going.

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