Saturday, June 4, 2011

Potential and Probable

It's been a fairly eventful week around here, and the odd thing is that it's been eventful in a positive manner. In a blog like mine, frequent updates are not a good sign. Still, everyone's healthy and happy. The Wife is a little more pregnant than last weekend, and the boys are a little more impy than last weekend.

The good news: I've won the position as director of the Greater Harmony Chorus, which is a Sweet Adelines chorus north of town. Sweet Adeline International is one of the women's barbershop organizations. This is a pretty big deal - it's a big job, and it's compensated pretty darn well. So, I'm learning a bunch of new music, a bunch of new rules, and will be learning about 60 new names this month. Baptism by fire: first performance is in three weeks,

Unknown news: The Wife had her second interview this week, and she was told that they'd let her know at the end of the week. They didn't call her yesterday, but we don't know what kind of sign that is. No letters in the mail, no thanks but no thanks, no indications. For the moment, this job is in the same place as my church gig: we did our best, still waiting to hear anything.

Fun maybe news: I've got a line on two temp jobs. One is a 36-hour three day weekend, and the other is a two month position. I'd be happy with either one, truthfully. We need the money, and we just haven't been getting enough substitute teaching.

In the meantime, we've had some funny little milestones recently. The Boy has been carrying his toys around in a little cardboard box, and he has been quite careful to put the toys back in the box when he travels from one room to another. We have managed to get him to put the box aside when he eats meals and when he takes a bath. He is still, however, really into his boots. They are the first choice in footwear. I did hide them the other day, though, when he had a "beach party" at school that really required sandals.

Little Bear was reading his potty book out loud to himself yesterday, when the text was talking about the parts of the body. He was touching the parts (hands, shoulders, head, legs, feet, etc.) while he was reading it out loud. He is also been really reactive when we sing songs: we put in different actions during "If You're Happy and You Know It" and he does them pretty closely in rhythm. He's adjust to his toddler bed, although his naps in the past couple of days have ended with him sleeping in the trundle bed. In the mornings, he is still awake around 6:30, but he has started playing quietly in his room until we come and get him. He's a morning pooper, though, so it's usually pretty important that we get him quickly.

Funny little bit: Little Bear has started, when you change his diaper, to say, "Pee-pee right there!" with the applicable pointing. It's funny and cute!

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